You say you can’t get $300 million? Urias’s decisive weakness, to say that he is a top-notch pitcher…

 Major League Trade Rumors (MLBTR), which specializes in major league news, published the ‘2023-2024 MLB FA Power Rankings’ on the 13th (Korean time). Four journalists from the media evaluated and ranked them.

Shohei Ohtani (LA Angels), who cannot be disputed, took the first place.

MLBTR said of Ohtani’s expected ransom, ‘No one doubts that he will break the first $400 million. The most dominant forecast is $500 million,’ he said. ‘Can’t rule out $600 million in that it represents the era and the marketing value is enormous. The sweet spot is $550 million.” Nothing new.

The player that draws attention is not Ohtani, but Julio Urias (LA Dodgers). Excluding Ohtani, who doubles as a pitcher, Yurias is the biggest pitcher.

Looking at the results of the last two seasons, it is a natural ranking. 메이저놀이터,In 2021, he threw 185⅔ innings in 32 games and posted an average ERA of 2.96 and 195 strikeouts in 32 games. He won the most wins title in 2021 and the earned run average title in 2022.

Also, Yurias, who was born in August 1996, is 27 years old when he finishes this season, which is young for a free agent pitcher. He has had no major injuries, incidents or accidents in the last 3 years. Wouldn’t this amount to a total of $300 million?

However, MLBTR saw a total of $250 million as a ‘fair price’.

For two reasons. First of all, he is not a strikeout pitcher who throws a fastball. The second is the history of shoulder surgery received in June 2017.

MLBTR said, “With the pinpoint control, the walk rate over the past two years is 5.5%, 9th, BABIP is 3rd with 0.251, the hard hit rate is 2nd, and the average ERA is 2.57.” It is difficult to see it as dominant. The strikeout rate during this period was 25.2%, ranking 21st among all pitchers’, emphasizing that he was not a power pitcher.

He continued, “Urias’ shoulder surgery happened six years ago, but if he wants to sign a long-term contract, he will need a certificate that he is completely clean.” About a mile,’ he pointed out

Urias’s agent is Scott Boras. We will devise a strategy to counter these criticisms, but experts say $300 million is unreasonable.

MLBTR said, ‘Boras’ goal and expectation will be $250 million+. It remains to be seen whether Yurias will be recorded as the next highest-paid pitcher after Gerrit Cole.

Cole signed a 9-year, $324 million free agent contract with the New York Yankees in December 2019. He is the highest paid pitcher ever. The second highest pitcher’s ransom is Stephen Strasburg (Washington Nationals) with $245 million in 7 years. It is expected that Yurias will receive more than Strasburg and less than Cole.

If so, can the Dodgers give Yurias that much money? MLBTR predicted, “The Dodgers club’s intentions toward Yurias are unknown, but it would be considered risky for that amount of money.”

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