Will Tottenham catch Kane’s heart in the ‘Man Utd-Munich transfer rumor’… Only the second discussion has already taken place

 Can Tottenham Hotspur capture the heart of key striker Harry Kane?

Sky Sports in the UK quoted Sky Italia’s report and said, “Tottenham have entered into negotiations to renew the contract to keep Kane.”

Kane, who is recording the most goals in the team with 16 league goals this season, will end his contract with Tottenham next summer. When the transfer market next winter comes, Kane can freely negotiate a transfer with other clubs.

Even if Kane is sold this summer, it is difficult to get a proper transfer fee as it is the final season of his contract. Because of this, Tottenham must somehow catch Kane.

As a result, Tottenham have already met with Kane twice. The media said, “Tottenham met twice with Kane’s agent to talk about the player’s long-term future.”

Two teams are currently interested in Kane: Manchester United and Bayern Munich. Manchester United continues to watch Kane at the end of the season to fully sign it, and Munich is also said to be still putting Kane on top of the list. 안전놀이터

What is lacking for Kane, who scored 266 goals in Tottenham alone and tied for first place as the all-time top scorer with club legend Jimmy Greaves, is the championship cup.

Tottenham has never won a championship yet. In the 2018/19 season, he reached the final of the UEFA (European Football Federation) Champions League, but was helplessly defeated by Liverpool and the championship was canceled.

On the other hand, Manchester United is a prestigious team representing England and is also the most successful team in the league. Although their performance has been poor in recent seasons, they are quickly getting back on track this season under manager Eric Turnhagh.

Bayern Munich is also the most prestigious club in Germany and is called one of the world’s three most prestigious clubs along with Real Madrid and Barcelona. There is no rival in Germany enough to achieve 10 consecutive Bundesliga titles.

Even for Kane, this opportunity is also an opportunity that will never come again. However, he showed loyalty by saying, “I will focus only on this season for now and do my best for the team.”

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