Why is Song Young-jin’s fastball so hard to hit… Fingers make special movements

SSG’s biggest hit product at the beginning of this season is by far right-hander Song Young-jin (19), who was nominated in the second round of this year’s rookie draft. He left a strong impression from the time of the camp, and passed all the tests of practice games and exhibition games and proudly became a member of the first team.

He also proved that he deserves to survive in the first team. 메이저사이트Song Young-jin threw 9⅔ innings in 3 games this season, recording 1 win and 0 ERA. His batting average is just 0.037 and his on-base per inning (WHIP) is just 0.72. It is evidence that proves that there is skill, not just luck. On the 14th, against Incheon NC, in his starting debut, he won a thrilling debut victory with a reverse pitch with 5 innings, 7 strikeouts, and no runs.

His bold guts and ability to throw various breaking balls into the border line are good, but Song Young-jin’s current weapon should be regarded as his fastball. According to ‘Trackman’, which provides tracking data to 9 KBO league clubs, Song Young-jin’s average speed of four-seam fastball this year reached 147.7 km per hour. His best was 151.4 km. He is not just fast, he has power, movement, and rotation is not bad. It is an element that brightens Song Young-jin’s banner for the future.

Seong-bae Kim, crew member of ‘Sporttime Baseball’, said about Young-jin Song, “The form itself is neat. But what hitters can’t hit is that the ball has that much power. The ball has the power to kick in.” That way, it can be delivered to the ball well, and Song Young-jin has that.”

A player’s fastball usually has a relatively constant horizontal movement. However, Song Young-jin’s horizontal movement graph of his fastball belongs to the rather dizzying side. Some balls have a horizontal movement of more than 25 cm, while fastballs close to 0 are also caught quite often. Song Young-jin said, “I’m not consciously controlling it,” ahead of the Suwon kt game on the 19th. It is a natural movement.

Song Young-jin explained the reason in terms of finger length. Song Young-jin said, “Innately, the index finger is much shorter than the middle finger.” Of course, it is normal for the index finger to be shorter than the middle finger, but Song Young-jin has a bigger difference than others. Song Young-jin said, “That’s why blisters are only caught on the middle finger, not the index finger.” The ball with more movement of the index finger and the ball with more movement of the middle finger have subtly different rotational directions, which is why the ball has a lot of movement.

Because of these finger movements, Song Young-jin’s fastball basically has the movement of a ‘natural cutter’. However, sometimes it shows a sinker-like movement, and as these balls dig well outside the right-handed hitter, many missed balls come out. This is why Song Young-jin has no intention of learning and polishing a modified fastball right now.

Now, the opposing team will also understand everything about Song Young-jin and attack. Song Young-jin knows this well. The preparation is to improve the speed of the slider. Song Young-jin said, “I also practiced the cutter (which has a little faster speed than the slider), but the fastball is a natural cutter.” “The coach told me to increase the speed of the slider.” Song Young-jin has a fairly large speed difference between his fastball and slider. Coach Kim thinks that if the velocity of this slider can be increased by only 2-3km, it will be a very good combo. Song Young-jin said, “Everything is still fun.” SSG fans are also looking forward to seeing more fun scenes.

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