Who knows the ‘Spirit of Suwon’?

In September 2020, professional soccer Suwon Samsung appointed coach Park Geon-ha as the club’s 6th command tower. It was the number of wins for Suwon, which fell to 11th place in the league and was in danger of relegation. At the same time, following the appointment of Yoon Seong-hyo, Seo Jeong-won, and Lee Im-saeng in the 2010s, it was possible to confirm Suwon’s personnel policy of entrusting the baton to a person from the club.

At the time, director Park Geon-ha threw a short and powerful message, “Let’s awaken the lost spirit of Suwon.” Suwon’s founding member and one-club man coach Park Geon-ha’s message was enough to raise fans’ expectations. 

It didn’t take long to regain the ‘Spirit of Suwon’. 스포츠토토It happened only after the fourth league game that coach Park Geon-ha took the baton and played. At that time, Suwon won a 3-1 victory over FC Seoul, the opponent of the ‘Super Match’. It was also a victory that ended a draw in 18 consecutive Super Matches (8 draws and 10 losses). At the time, coach Park said after the game, “There were many crises in Suwon in the past. He commented, “In a crisis, we came together with the players and coaching staff to bring about good results.”

However, the ‘spirit of Suwon’ that director Park Geon-ha regained did not last long. In the first two seasons, the club’s youth (Maetango) players performed brilliantly, and reached the quarterfinals of the Asian Champions League. However, in April 2022, they fell to 11th, in the relegation zone, just like two years ago. Coach Park took responsibility for his poor performance and stepped down.

It was Lee Byeong-geun, the coach of the “club legend,” who stepped out as a firefighter this time. He was also a founding member of Suwon and a ‘Real Blue’ who served as a player and coach at the club. Director Lee’s inauguration message was similar. He said, “Suwon is a team that is strong in crisis and is capable of reversing,” and “I will try to create Suwon’s football that cannot be defeated.” 

However, the first year as manager Lee Byeong-geun was 10th in the league. For the first time in the club’s history, it stepped on the promotion playoff (PO) stage. After many twists and turns, Suwon defeated FC Anyang and succeeded in remaining. Coach Lee Byeong-geun, who said after the game, “I want to play upstairs next year,” was sacked after only 2 draws and 5 losses in the league this season.

‘Strong in crisis and good at reversing’ Suwon faced a crisis once again. Suwon first entrusted head coach Seong-yong Choi as acting manager. On the 18th, the club said, “The club will focus on putting the team on the right track by putting overcoming the crisis as a top priority.”

The gloomy situation of 0 wins in the league and the lowest place. Interest is focused on who will be able to bring back the ‘Spirit of Suwon’. The first game of Acting Manager Choi Seong-yong is the 100th Super Match in the league, which will be held in Sangam, Seoul on the 22nd.

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