“very… very disappointed”… Lotte command tower unable to talk about Seo Jun-won’s crime

“Very… Personally, I am very disappointed.”

Could it be because of the shock? The Lotte command tower could not bear to speak. As he spoke, his throat choked and his eyes reddened. It is a picture of mixed feelings, such as regret, anger, and disappointment for Seo Jun-won (22), who was released for a sexual offense against a minor.

Lotte coach Larry Sutton met카지노before an exhibition game against NC held at Changwon NC Park on the 24th and made an official apology to Seo Jun-won and promised to take responsibility and try to prevent a recurrence.

Coach Sutton said, “I heard about the situation yesterday morning and knew that a disciplinary committee was being held against Seo Jun-won. He did a fact check through the disciplinary committee and decided to be released from the team. He 100% agrees with the team’s decision,” he said, lowering his head, saying, “As a manager representing the team, I am sincerely sorry to all baseball fans who love the KBO.” He continued, “We will do our best to prevent recurrence so that players can make wise choices on and off the baseball field.”

The previous day, it was confirmed that Lotte pitcher Seo Jun-won was handed over to trial for producing sexual exploitation by taking body pictures from minors. The Busan District Prosecutor’s Office’s Women’s and Children’s Crime Investigation Department indicted Seo Jun-won without detention on charges of violating the Act on the Protection of Children and Adolescents (Producing and Distributing Sexual Exploitation, etc.). As this fact was confirmed, Lotte decided to open a disciplinary committee and release Seo Jun-won.

The disappointment was great along with the shock. Is that why? When asked about his personal disappointment, he was unable to speak for a while, and his voice, which he struggled to bring out, was locked.

Director Sutton said, “Very… I was personally very disappointed (to Seo Jun-won)” and “Many coaches, including me, are investing with passion and time not only in Seo Jun-won but in all players. To have a positive effect on the players. But yesterday this happened. Both life and baseball are lives that must be chosen, and responsibility follows the result. It is regrettable that this has happened at a time when the team needs to move forward.”

As the player’s shocking criminal behavior is known ahead of the season opening, the team atmosphere is bound to subside. The Lotte command tower repeatedly emphasized ‘responsibility’ to the players and asked them to overcome difficult times together.

Sutton said, “I had a lot of conversations with the club yesterday. We talked a lot and thought about ways to prevent this from happening again. I felt with the coaches that as a professional player, of course, you must have a professional mindset both inside and outside the baseball field,” he confessed.

“I believe in resilience. Players also have many obstacles inside and outside the baseball field, but it is the time when we need the strength to overcome those obstacles as a team and as a family. It’s a difficult time, but we can overcome the crisis well.” 

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