Truck demonstration by Day One fans in front of the KBL Center where the police were also dispatched

‘Day One OUT!!! Heo Jae OUT!!! Even the police were dispatched to the scene of the truck protest shouting ‘Park No-ha OUT!!!’.메이저놀이터

Fans claiming to be fans of the basketball team in Goyang City are holding a truck demonstration calling for a solution to the problem of delay in paying wages to Day One players.

According to a KBL official, they left after a truck protest in front of the KBL center around 8:30 am on the 2nd.

The truck came back to the KBL center around 10:30. After walking around downtown Seoul for about 2 hours, I stopped again in front of the KBL Center for about 40 minutes.

The text on the truck reads:

Day One OUT!!! Heo Jae OUT!!! Park Noha OUT!!!
Day One Sports is the first to solve the overdue salaries of the players, not the future of the club!!!
Day One OUT!! KBL, who neglected the Day One incident, take responsibility and protect the players!!!
KBL, kick out Day One Sports, which deceives players and fans, from professional basketball!!
Even though there were many concerns and doubts, KBL, who approved Day One Sports, feel strongly and join the responsibility!!
Work hard to solve the players’ overdue wages KBL with a sense of responsibility!!

Along with the resignation of CEO Heo Jae, who leads Day One, and CEO Park No-ha, general manager of management, KBL, which approved Day One’s membership, was ordered to protect players and solve problems.

KBL held the 28th extraordinary general meeting and the 5th board of directors at the KBL Center on the 31st of last month, giving Day One 15 more days to come up with plans for overdue player salaries and club management. If this cannot be observed, an extraordinary general meeting and a board of directors meeting will be held at 7 am on the 16th to review Day One’s club qualifications.

A KBL official said, “We gave the last chance to protect the Day One players as much as possible, such as overdue wage payments.” He stressed that measures are being taken.

Meanwhile, even the police were dispatched to the scene of the truck protest. The police viewed this protest as an advertisement, not an illegal demonstration, and said that they could only crack down on parking violations. It is unstoppable for KBL to hold a truck protest in front of the KBL Center.

The truck protests do not continue in front of the KBL Center, but repeatedly stop in front of the KBL Center while continuing to roam downtown Seoul. Even around 12:30, I was standing in front of KBL. It is known that the protest is scheduled to last for three days.

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