Thoughts from Hwang Young-mook, the earnest ‘strongest baseball player’, “I never thought that playing baseball was difficult” [2024 Rookie of the Year Nomination]

A lot has happened over a long period of time. The utility infielder, who played in the independent league for several years, made his name known to more people by appearing on popular entertainment programs. The main character is Hwang Young-mook (Hanwha Eagles), who now wears the orange uniform.

Hwang Young-mook was selected by Hanwha as the 31st pick in the fourth round in the 2024 KBO rookie draft held at the Grand Ballroom of the Westin Chosun Hotel in Sogong-dong, Seoul on the 14th. Among the five players who participated in this year’s rookie draft tryout, along with Jin Woo-young (LG Twins, 38th pick in the 4th round), Hwang Young-mook enjoyed the joy of stepping onto the professional stage.

After the event, Hwang Young-mook not only received congratulations from his family and officials, but also could not hide his joy at being nominated while talking with KBSN Sports commentator Park Yong-taek and the program production crew, whom he learned from JTBC’s ‘Best Baseball’.

Hwang Young-mook, who conducted an interview after taking a commemorative photo with his family, said, “More than anything, I would like to thank the Hanwha team officials for their positive evaluation. All the players prepared earnestly and earnestly, but I also took a different path from other players.” “I think I’m more proud of being nominated because I worked hard to get there. I also want to say thank you to my parents who supported me and supported me,” he said.

Youngmook Hwang, who participated in the tryout on the 28th of last month, showed off his skills and received recognition from scouts. He said, “I wasn’t nervous or anything like that because I just had to do what I had prepared and what I had done before,” and “I think I did it comfortably without being nervous because I had countless experiences.”

Hwang Young-mook, who has been on the independent league stage for over 3 years, including ‘Seongnam Blue Panthers’, ‘Scorebone Hyenas’, and ‘Yeoncheon Miracle’, had a busier schedule this year by appearing on ‘Best Baseball’. Wasn’t it burdensome to handle the independent league and broadcast schedule at the same time? He expressed his thoughts, saying, “I think it’s right to do my best in the given environment, and I tried to do my best in the best possible way within the given environment.”

He continued, “I worked out and played games while going back and forth between Choikang Baseball and Yeoncheon Miracle, but in a way, when I became a professional baseball player and a first-team player, 카지노사이트I had to go back and forth between home and away games, so I practiced those things in advance. “I had positive thoughts about experiencing it. In fact, I never thought that playing baseball at a baseball stadium would be difficult, so I think I thought a lot about it in the best way possible, for myself.”

Was there any advice given to Hwang Young-mook by the ‘Best Baseball’ family ahead of the draft? Hwang Young-mook said, “Before the draft, he always told me that he was rooting for me, and coach Kim Seong-geun actually didn’t say much, so he said, ‘You won’t know until it happens.’

Not only baseball fans but also the public became aware of Hwang Young-mook’s presence through entertainment programs, but he also showed outstanding performance in Yeoncheon Miracle this year, leading the team to victory in the independent league’s regular season. He played a key role as the team’s main hitter, forming a central batting lineup with Choi Soo-hyun and Jeon Tae-jun.

Hwang Young-mook said, “I was with the team for the longest time, playing four seasons in the independent league, and I would like to thank coach Kim In-sik for creating an environment where I could exercise and grow at Yeoncheon Miracle. I prepared really hard, but he trusted me that much and gave me a better place.” “He helped me play baseball. I would also like to thank coaches Lee Jeong-gi and Noh Chan-yeop for their kind words and support during practice, and team leader Hwang Hyeong-beom for helping me play baseball comfortably.”

Now Young-Mook Hwang becomes a member of the Eagles and prepares for his first season as a professional player. Hwang Young-mook said, “Rather than any other big goal, my biggest goal is to play in the first team. I want to be an exemplary player both on and off the baseball field, and I want to be remembered as such a player. I would like to thank the Hanwha team who nominated me and the fans who supported me. “I want to become a player who helps the team win with passionate play and grit that matches my passion,” he said.

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