“There’s no time to rest. It’s tighter than I thought.” The kt second-team camp experienced by veterans for the first time

Professional baseball kt made drastic changes to the spring camp roster held ahead of the 2023 season.

In the 1st team camp, I accompanied SSG to the camp with 5 newcomers, the most among KBO league clubs. Five players, including rookie pitchers Kim Jeong-woon and Kim Gun-woong, infielders Son Min-seok and Ryu Hyun-in, and outfielder Jung Joon-young, were honored to be on the roster for the first-team camp from the first year of their debut.

On the other hand, some veterans prepared for the new season at the Futures (second team) camp for the first time after their debut. kt coach Lee Kang-chul decided to give veterans who were sluggish last season a rebound, and rookies who are just starting out on the professional stage a chance to gain new experiences.

Shin Bong-gi (33), 12 years old since their debut, and Moon Sang-cheol (32), 10 years old, are sweating at the Iksan Baseball Stadium where the Futures Camp was held from the 1st. Shin Bong-ki said, “The schedule is tighter than I thought, and there is no time to rest in the middle. I feel like I want to work harder.” notified

As much as training with young players, there are not one or two things to pay attention to. If he shows a loose attitude in training, he is worried that his juniors will watch and learn from him.

That’s why I’m working on training with a more exemplary attitude. Shin Bong-ki confessed, “We have to be careful with even the smallest actions. We have to show an undisturbed appearance, so we are paying more attention.” Moon Sang-cheol also said, “Young players are watching us, so we have to do better. We are going to the training ground faster.” .

Both players showed a particularly sluggish appearance last season. Shin Bong-gi recorded a batting average of 1.2 2.1, 1 home run, 8 RBIs and 9 points in 74 games, and Sang-cheol Moon recorded a batting average of .2 2.4, 2 homers, 4 RBIs and 5 points in 28 games. It was his worst performance since his professional debut.

In response, Moon Sang-cheol said, “Last year, the number of games was small and the record was bad.” “I started camp in the second group for the first time after my debut. He added, “The manager and coaches have been very considerate. So far, my condition is not bad.” 안전놀이터

As Shin Bong-gi signed a free agent (FA) contract ahead of the new season, he is gritting his teeth and focusing on training. Last month, he signed with kt for a total of 300 million won (130 million won option 20 million won) for 1+1 years.

It is a 1+1 year contract in which the contract is extended only when good results are achieved in the new season. Shin Bong-gi said, “I couldn’t play baseball anywhere else if it wasn’t for kt. I thought I had to play baseball better because it wasn’t a multi-year contract.” I have to do well,” he promised.

The two players, who had a lot of regret about hitting last season, met a strong helper in the Future Team. Coach Ki-tae Kim, who had a reputation as the best left-handed hitter in Korea during his active career, took the new baton, and Yuhan-jun Yu, who contributed to kt’s first combined championship in 2021, joined as hitting coach. Coaches specializing in hitting are actively helping the two players rebound.

Shin Bong-gi smiled, saying, “The fact that coach Kim Ki-tae and coach Yuhan-joon came in will definitely help.”

Moon Sang-cheol laughed, saying, “I ask coach Kim Ki-tae, who has a good knowledge of batting, whenever I have a question. Recently, he corrected my swing.”

Finally, the two players showed a strong will to return to the first team for the new season. Shin Bong-gi said, “I’m a senior, but I have to compete together. I have to do better to play in the first team.” Moon Sang-cheol said, “Just because I’m here doesn’t mean it’s over. I think they would think it was possible,” he said, raising his voice.

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