The starting lineup is empty, Park Jin-man’s plan

Somehow, I have to endure to live.

 Professional baseball Samsung is currently an injured ward. Amidst many hitters leaving, a red light was also turned on for the pitching staff. Two of the five starting positions were vacant. Albert Suarez, a foreigner, went to the United States for personal reasons. He plans to skip about one rotation. Yang Chang-seop was shaken with an average ERA of 9.82 and 1 loss in 7⅓ innings in 2 games and lost his chance. He moved to Long Relief.

 Samsung coach메이저사이트 Park Jin-man first took out Lee Jae-hee and Jang Pil-jun cards. On the 19th, Lee Jae-hee was dropped against Gocheok Kiwoom, and Jang Pil-joon was dropped against Gwangju KIA on the 21st. Lee Jae-hee joined the team in the 3rd place in the 2nd 1st round in 2021 and played 21⅔ innings in 5 games as an alternative starter that year. He had a 5.40 earned run average per loss. After that, there is no record of first-team appearances. He is scheduled to enlist in the Sangmu baseball team early next month.

 Overseas U-turn fine Jang Pil-jun made his debut in the first team in 2015 after being nominated by Samsung in the 9th place in the 2nd 1st round. He has experience as a substitute starter, midfielder, and finisher. He had 16 wins, 28 losses, 46 holds, 42 saves and an earned run average of 5.04 in 327 games and 380 innings over his 8 seasons until last year. Last season, he stagnated with an earned run average of 5.70 with 3 losses in 19 games and 30 innings.

 Manager Park Jin-man said, “Both players have been preparing for the start. How much innings you draw is important. I want him to digest enough innings to be able to continue as a starting pitcher,” he said.

 Lee Ho-seong, a rookie who joined after being nominated in the 8th place in the first round of this year, joined the team from the opening game and headed to the second group on the 16th. Coach Park said, “In the Futures League, we will conduct starting classes such as increasing the number of pitches. With Suarez out, there was a change in the starting lineup, and Lee Ho-seong’s preparation was quicker,” he explained.

 “Not only the starters, but also the bullpen pitchers need to manage their stamina. The atmosphere of the other line is rising, so I hope to help the pitchers with a lot of points,” he said. “The Future Team is attracting players as much as possible. We have to endure well,” he added.

 Fortunately, the existing native starting pitchers are doing well. On the 16th, Won Tae-in gave up 1 run in 6⅔ innings against Lotte, and Baek Jung-hyun made a big success with 2 runs in 8 innings against Kiwoom on the 18th. Director Park said, “Won Tae-in continues to improve. He is a player who does his part,” he smiled, saying, “Baek Jung-hyun also helped the team with the best pitching and effective pitching in all Kiwoom games.”

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