The reason why graduates of American college golf leagues are swept by the PGA

After going through American university golf leagues such as Schaeffler, Homa, Ram, and Spieth, he
has grown into a top player in the PGA Tour. He must

survive his own selections to
be able to participate in the tournament as a team representative.

American Professional Golf (PGA) Tour 2022-2023 season winners Scotty Scheffler, Max Homa (above USA), and Jon Rahm (Spain) have one thing in common. He entered the PGA Tour after passing through the American College Golf League. Jordan Spieth, Justin Thomas, Colin Morikawa (USA), and Victor Hoblan (Norway) are also players who went through the same process and became PGA Tour winners.

What is the driving force that allows numerous players who have been active in the American college golf league to stand out on the PGA Tour? This is because he has grown through systematic training for four years. Players such as Schaeffler and Homa, who have recently been playing a big role on the PGA Tour, all said, “After going to college, my golf skills have greatly improved.”

When you look at the driving ranges and gyms of Arizona State University and California State University (UC Berkeley), which have produced numerous star golfers, your jaw drops wide. And that’s not all. Managers, coaches, physical trainers, nutritionists, physical therapists, etc. are supporting players at a level comparable to professional clubs.

Not every aspiring professional golfer can play in an American collegiate golf league. Only a few players who caught the eye of each college coach, coach, and scout in high school can join the golf team. It’s different every year, but players who have made their names within the top 10 in each region’s high school rankings choose the colleges they want. Schaeffler, Homa, and Ram, who are currently active as leading players on the PGA Tour, are representative players who have received love calls from various college golf teams. A coach of an American college golf team said, “We go to a lot of amateur competitions to select players who can help the team.” Along with skills, what we see the most is personality.” 메이저사이트

On an average American college golf team of 10 to 15 players, only five represent the school in the tournament. The competition is fierce as only five players who have performed well in their own selection before each competition get a chance to participate. Korean players such as Park Ji-won, Choi Sang-hyeon, and Song Tae-hoon, who are currently active in the US college golf league, are also pouring everything every week to survive the competition.

Song Tae-hoon, a member of the University of Washington golf team, said, “It is not an easy task to pass our own selection tournament as players who say they play golf well from all over the United States have gathered in one place.” The national competition, in which regional champion universities compete, is of a higher level. Almost all players are doing their best every day to survive the competition.”

The level of American collegiate golf leagues is beyond imagination. Most of the active players or those who became pros through the US college golf league say, “If you do well here, you can go to the PGA Tour.” Choi Sang-hyeon, a member of the Pepperdine University golf team, said, “There are so many good golfers. Some of the players I played with in the lower grades are showing prominence on the PGA Tour and Corn Ferry Tour right after graduation.” I will not stop working hard until the day I play on the PGA Tour.”

The relationship between seniors and juniors at each university is also strong. Park Ji-won, a member of the UC Berkeley golf team, revealed that she regularly talks with her seniors, Homa and Morikawa, who are active on the PGA Tour. He said, “The seniors who graduated do not spare encouragement and advice ahead of important competitions such as the beginning, middle and end of the season. Sometimes I come to the university to practice together,” he said. Almost all college golf team seniors, including our school, seem to take special care of their juniors,” he explained.

It’s not just about golf. All players are studying at the same time as they have to get at least a minimum grade each semester to play in the US college golf league. A coach of an American college golf team said, “The ability of the players to focus on the designated time is excellent as they have to play both golf and study. Some players stand out in their major subjects rather than golf,” he said. “There is also a program with a person in charge to help players who came to the United States during high school and the United States and lacked language skills. Almost all schools are sparing no support so that they do not fall behind in their studies.”

As players from various American college golf leagues have settled in the PGA Tour, a war is being waged between American sports agencies at the NCAA golf tournament every May. A player in charge of a sports agency emphasized, “I often go to American college golf tournaments to find players who can compete on the professional stage, such as the PGA Tour.” did.

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