“The reason for the winning streak is me!” LG Lee Jae-do – Kim Jun-il – Yoon Won-sang Interview

Behind the winning streak, the players had confidence.

Changwon LG won 76-74 in the 5th round of the 2022-2023 SKT Adot Professional Basketball Wonju DB held at the Changwon Gymnasium on the 3rd. With this victory, LG recorded 4 consecutive wins and 4 home wins at the same time.

LG Lee Jae-do, who came out as a starter and played an active role with 10 points, 7 assists and 2 steals in 31 minutes and 11 seconds, said, “I think it is me” and said the reason for the 4 consecutive wins.

He then smiled and said, “I think the team is going well because the hyungs and younger siblings always hold the center well when they are doing well or when they are not.” 안전놀이터

Kim Joon-il, who led the team to victory with 17 points and 5 rebounds while focusing on 9 points in the 2nd quarter, explained “the sluggishness of the members in the 1st quarter and the heavy responsibility of the members in the 2nd quarter” as the secret to the streak.

LG finished the first quarter with a score of 11-24, but in the second quarter, with Kim Jun-il at the center, they succeeded in chasing and finished the first half tied at 36-36.

Yoon Won-sang made the team’s first 3-point shot, recording 18 points and 2 rebounds, including 5 3-pointers. Until Yoon Won-sang’s first 3-point shot in the 3rd quarter, all 16 3-point shots attempted by LG missed the rim.

Yoon Won-sang said, “I think I went in well if I tried without thinking.”

4 consecutive wins LG will face KCC in the 5th round at the Jeonju Gymnasium on the 5th.

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