‘The most important thing is an unbreakable mind’, there was no giving up for Samsung

Samsung did not give up despite the bad news of injury and ended a 13-game losing streak.

Seoul Samsung won 73-70 in a match against Suwon KT in the 2022-2023 SKT A-Dot Pro Basketball Round 5 held at Jamsil Indoor Gymnasium on the 2nd. The long, long 13-game losing streak came to an end. The season record is 11 wins and 26 losses.

With 13 consecutive losses, Samsung fell into the disgrace of being tied for fourth place with the most consecutive losses in history. The team lost 14 consecutive losses, the most in history, with only one loss left. plunged into the brink of extinction.

Bad news continued in difficult situations. Darral Willis (202cm, F) left due to a wrist injury. Having already lost Lee Won-seok (207cm, C) and Cho Woo-sung (206cm, C), Samsung had to put in Kim Seung-won (202cm, C), who was recruited through a trade.

However, Samsung coach Eun Hee-seok was honest. There was no temporary solution to escape the losing streak. He pushed ahead in the direction he had taken from the beginning of the season.

Samsung revived memories of swamp basketball from the first quarter to the first round. It blocked KT’s score and caused a turnover.

Kim Si-rae (178cm, G)’s will to escape from losing streak was strongly revealed. Recovered the energy level of its heyday. ran nonstop.

The defense of Jang Min-guk (199cm, F) also stood out. Even when he was switched with Jarod Jones (208cm, F), he was not at all embarrassed. KT replaced the sluggish Jones with Lester Prosper (204cm, C).

Kim Seung-won and Kim Han-sol (197cm, F) also did their part. Anthony Moss (200cm, C) guaranteed a break. The domestic players alone controlled the height of KT. 안전놀이터

Morse completely filled the void left by Willis. With a strong fighting spirit, he broke through KT’s defense. KT constantly brought offensive rebounds between the tall forests.

However, Samsung showed signs of exhaustion from the third quarter. Cracks appeared in the tight defense. He struggled against counterattacks from Ha Yoon-ki (204cm, C) and Yang Hong-seok (195cm, F).

Eventually, they allowed a comeback in the 4th quarter. The nightmare of the losing streak seemed to be reviving. Jeong Seong-woo (180cm, G) allowed a 3-point shot. The score difference widened to 4 points.

However, Samsung did not collapse. It was because I didn’t give up. Coach Eun Hee-seok, coaching staff, and 12 players included in the roster united in one mind. I only thought of one goal: to break out of the losing streak.

Lee Jung-hyun (191cm, G) – Kim Si-rae – Moss dominated the game. I grabbed the ankle of KT, who ran away without stopping.

Samsung’s tenacious pursuit bore fruit with 42 seconds left before the end of the game. Kim Si-rae stole Kim Dong-wook’s (194cm, F) pass, and Lee Jung-hyun received Kim’s pass and scored a quick break. It was a reverse.

The way to finish the match was Samsung’s symbol ‘swamp basketball’. Blocked KT’s attack twice with steals. Ended a 13-game losing streak.

It was the moment everyone at Samsung had been waiting for. Coach Eun Hee-seok said after the game, “Samsung basketball’s pride was at stake in the game that day. We will not rest on our laurels. We will prepare well for the next game.”

Samsung’s fighting spirit saved the pride of Samsung basketball. Although shaken, it did not break. It was Samsung who deserved to win.

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