The KIA great pitcher is a man who drives the rain… Still 142km, the nightmare is over

There is no big difference in the average speed of fastballs. However, this is not the case in the second half of last year. He returned as a great pitcher that people know.

KIA great pitcher Yang Hyeon-jong (35) is a man who drives rain this season. He originally intended to make his first appearance of the season against Suwon KT on April 6, but it was canceled as a no game. That day, Yang Hyeon-jong played 1 inning, and got on the mound at the end of the 2nd inning, but his actual record itself was blown away.

In the end,메이저놀이터 Yang Hyeon-jong made his first appearance of the season belatedly against Hanwha in Gwangju on April 11th. He started against Gocheok Kiwoom on April 16, Gwangju Samsung on April 22, Jamsil LG on April 28, and Gwangju NC on April 4. However, it was canceled due to rain, and it was adjusted to start against Changwon NC on the 5th. However, the schedule was canceled once again due to the rain that fell across the country on the 5th.

Then, coach Kim Jong-guk predicted Sean Anderson, not Yang Hyeon-jong, as the starting pitcher for the Changwon NC game on the 6th. It seems that if he pitches two days later than the scheduled day, the turn of other starting pitchers will be pushed back in succession, and Yang Hyeon-jong has not turned away from the reality that it can be difficult to adjust his condition. For Anderson, he will be on the mound a day later than scheduled, a week after the match against LG in Jamsil on April 29th.

As a result, Yang Hyeon-jong only made four appearances this season. For Anderson, the game on the 6th is his 7th appearance of the season. He’s definitely out of practice. However, Yang Hyeon-jong’s performance and power are not the same as in the second half of last year. In the first half, it returned to its original form considerably.

1 win in 4 games, 2.63 ERA. In 24 innings, he gave up 20 hits, 26 strikeouts, 11 walks and 7 runs. WHIP 1.25 and batting average 0.233. According to the baseball statistics site Statties, Yang Hyeon-jong recorded 4 wins and 3 losses in 12 games in the second half of last year, an average ERA of 5.19, WHIP, 1.46 batting average, 0.284, and OPS of 0.770.

In the first half of last year, he recorded 8 wins and 4 losses in 18 games, with an ERA of 2.97, a batting average of 0.231, and an OPS of 0.611. Looking at the figure in April this year, it can be seen that it has recovered to the level of the first half of last year. The average speed of his fastball dropped from 142.4 km last year to 142.1 km this year. Still, efficient pitch design, command and timing battles have lifted him from the nightmare of the second half of last year.

However, there are also points of improvement. The batting average for left-handed batters dropped from 0.267 last year to 0.163 this year, but the batting average for right-handed batters rose sharply from 0.242 last year to 0.324 this year. According to Statistics, the changeup hit rate has risen from 0.234 to 0.357 this year. It can be interpreted as meaning that the changeup heading out of the right-handed batter is well caught in the batter’s bat. On the other hand, the slider hit rate improved from 0.192 last year to 0.103 this year. It is interpreted as meaning that the left-handed hitter is doing well.

There are many young and promising lefties in the KBO League. However, Yang Hyeon-jong succeeded in winning a total of 160 this year and still boasts of his dignity. If you add just one win, you will be tied for second place with the most wins in KBO career with MBC Sports Plus commentator Jeong Min-cheol. Second place alone is a matter of time, and he is aiming for Song Jin-woo (210 wins), who has the most wins in total. The second season of a 4-year, 10.3 billion won free agent contract. If you can continue your active duty after completing this contract in good health, you can challenge in earnest.

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