The KGC coaching staff made a surprise appearance at the rookie graduation ceremony, their true strength was here

The entire coaching staff attended the rookie’s graduation ceremony.

Anyang KGC’s 2nd round rookie Eugene attended the graduation ceremony held at Dongguk University on the 16th. Although he is already a professional player, the coaching staff made a surprise appearance and welcomed him when he became a true member of society through the graduation ceremony.

It is said that KGC coach Kim Sang-sik and coaches Seong-min Cho and Seung-tae Choi visited Dongguk University that day, took a commemorative photo with Eugene, and conveyed good wishes. It was a surprise event that had been planned for a long time, and there was a warmth that was hard to feel in the process.

A KGC official said, “In fact, the coaches and coaches have been planning to attend Eugene’s graduation ceremony for a long time. It is hard to find that all of our coaching staff attended the graduation ceremony of a rookie player, as well as other teams. The head coach and coaches took time to visit the site, asking if it was right to go to our players’ graduation ceremony,” he explained. 온라인카지노

It wasn’t just a place to celebrate Eugene’s graduation. Manager Kim and the coaches said they also thanked their parents for raising their son well and sending him to the team.

A KGC official said, “The manager and coaches said that we should express our gratitude to the parents who raised the players. He said that we should not forget to thank him for raising us well and sending us to the team.” We also emphasized the need to express that we know how much parents care about their son who is just starting out in society,” he said.

KGC is giving so much attention and love to rookie players. This season, they are creating a family-like culture, a culture that does not blame failures and encourages them for the next success, so perhaps the wire-to-wire 1st run is a natural result. The real power is here.

KGC revealed that the coaching staff’s attendance at the graduation ceremony will not end as a one-time event. In the future, he plans to continue to attend so that it can become a culture that represents the team. In the case of another newcomer, Koh Chan-hyuk, since he is an early entry, we plan to join KGC in the next draft.

Meanwhile, KGC is currently leaving the magic number ‘8’ with a 9-game winning streak. After 6 years since the 2016-17 season, 1st place in the regular league is right in front of you. With manager Kim and coaches’ thorough team management and leadership, and a luxurious lineup that has no place to escape, they are running toward the top without a single crisis.

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