‘The best’ Yang Hyeon-jong “Salvation appearance is OK!”

35-year-old Yang Hyeon-jong, the best pitcher in the baseball team, is burning up his fighting spirit ahead of the World Baseball Classic, which may be his last international tournament.

This is Reporter Yoo Byung-min from Arizona, USA.


When Yang Hyeon-jong’s bullpen pitching started, coach Lee Kang-cheol, coaches, and reporters all gathered.

From a heavy fastball to an exquisite changeup, admiration pours out as he hits the strike zone one after another.

Yang Hyeon-jong, who threw a total of 43 and came down, showed satisfaction. 안전놀이터

[Yang Hyeon-jong/WBC national team pitcher: I don’t think conditions or things like that are bad. I went to Japan and made 100% according to what I can throw now.]

Yang Hyeon-jong, who is called the ‘great pitcher’, has been active as an immovable left-handed ace in Korean baseball with his 35-year-old Kim Gwang-hyun.

Coach Lee Kang-cheol plans to appoint the two players as a so-called ‘seung-seung group’ in the second half of the game rather than selecting them for this tournament, but Yang Hyeon-jong said that he could sortie at any time and burned his fighting spirit.

[In the case of selection, it seems that young players will go out. Whether it’s a weak team or a strong team, it seems like they’re always prepared for the role they have to play if they want to go out.]

Since it’s likely to be their last as a national team member, this tournament is all the more special.

[You have to do well with the Taegeuk mark. (Advancing to the semifinals) It seems that the biggest goal is to do well so that I can get on a plane to the United States.]

Yang Hyeon-jong is dreaming of the beauty of Yoo Jong at this WBC, which will be the last dance.

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