“Thank you so much”…’Injection Fighting Spirit’ to Hong Cheol, Director Choi Won-kwon

“Thank you so much.”

Daegu FC perfectly paid off the humiliation of the previous head-to-head 0-3 defeat. Daegu recorded the third full crowd of the season in the home game between FC Seoul and Hana 1 Q K League 1 2023 round 16 held at DGB Daegu Bank Park, and Sejingya’s preemptive goal scored a 1-0 victory.스포츠토토

Daegu coach Choi Won-kwon said, “The players scored and blocked Seoul’s mighty offense well. Being able to win without a goal is commendable. I could have scored more in a counterattack situation, but it’s a pity that I couldn’t. Last May, I felt a lot of burden because I couldn’t win at home, but I am happy to win the first game in June against a strong team called Seoul.”

On that day, 12,056 spectators filled the stadium. Daegu, who did not win a home game in May, decorated their first home game in June with a victory.

Coach Choi said, “Not only me, but the players also have pride. The pride of Daegu is our slogan. I think the fans would have liked it. After losing a lot on the away road to Seoul, I said to the players, ‘Let’s get revenge’ and ‘Let’s pay it back’. I am so grateful to the players for protecting it. I am delighted,” he said.

At the same time, to Daegu fans, “I want to bow. to the fans. I will try to produce good results in the last game of the season.”

When it comes to ‘click’ soccer, “You have to take it in a good way. In modern football, there is a lot of talk about build-up or counter-attack, but we seem to be right about that. We need to make it more perfect. I think it’s because I only scored one goal (click is more),” he laughed.

Even though Hongcheol was injured, he received an injection and entered the game. He had a conversation with coach Choi before the game and had a strong will to play, so it was an inevitable choice as a manager. Coincidentally, this day is also ‘Hongcheol Day’.

Director Choi said, “Thank you so much. In fact, as he suffered a serious injury at the beginning of the season, I also doubted, ‘I am old, can I come back?’ In fact, the opportunity for us to rebound was the return of Hongcheol. He balanced on the defensive line, and his grades went up,” he said. “Keita works hard too. I think exemplary players such as Cheol and (Lee) Yong-rae taught me a lesson,” he added.

Having secured 3 points, Daegu succeeded in leaping into 5th place with 24 points. This is Daegu’s highest ranking this season. Coach Choi said, “Seoul and then we have to deal with Jeonbuk. Last year, I had a relegation fight, so there is an obsession. I am concentrating and sharing sympathy in order not to fall apart from the top teams somehow. Suwon Samsung is below, but even with that team, we have a difficult game. Wind is a game that can be won against all teams, and I believe so,” he said. “I gained confidence through the match against Seoul. Jeonbuk also has a good atmosphere and there are good players, but we want to produce results by playing as many cards as we can.”

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