“Support rather than criticize” Klinsmann caught in a swamp of illusion [Reporter’s Notebook-Sports]

He asked the media and fans to refrain from criticizing the results, saying, “Please criticize them when the results come out.”
The results and content are unsatisfactory, but Klinsmann’s antics are the biggest problem.
Before asking fans to support him, he must show acceptable actions as the national team coach.

“It is not too late to criticize after the Asian Cup. “We need more support now.”메이저사이트

This is what coach Jurgen Klinsmann told reporters as he changed his original schedule and returned to Korea via Incheon International Airport on the 14th.

Coach Klinsmann, who managed to get his first win against Saudi Arabia in six games since taking office on the 13th, planned to remain in Europe and watch Kim Min-jae’s team’s Bayern Munich (Germany) play and then return to Korea, but he denied his stay in Korea. As the negative public opinion surrounding him spread, he changed his schedule and came to Korea.

When asked by reporters, “Why did you change the schedule?”, he smiled and said, “I came because I heard that many people were waiting for me.” He added, “I heard that ‘when the players return home after an overseas expedition, the coaches usually return home like this.’ “It made me think again,” he replied. It is interpreted as a move conscious of negative public opinion.

“Even if a positive atmosphere is created internally, it is bound to be shaken if negative public opinion is created externally,” he said. “I think it is not too late to criticize or criticize when the results come out,” he said, supporting the process of preparing for the Asian Cup in January next year. He also left a request to criticize the results after they were released.

Director Klinsmann is aware of negative public opinion, but cannot escape the swamp of deep illusion.

The background to the current outpouring of dissatisfaction and growing distrust toward Coach Klinsmann is the result of being the latest to win among all coaches and a disappointing performance due to colorless tactics, but the bigger part is his outside-the-box behavior that is difficult to understand. The problem is his actions that raise doubts as to whether he truly places his highest priority on being the coach of the Korean national soccer team.

When concerns arose at the time of his appointment, he declared that he would “stay in Korea and check on the players,” but his stay abroad was long. During his six-month term, he stayed in the country for less than 70 days. He left Korea to ‘work remotely’ in the United States, where his home is located, and attended UEFA events, skipping the press conference announcing the national soccer team roster. In an interview with ESPN, he evaluated Lionel Messi and Liverpool manager Klopp and predicted the outcome of the EPL Tottenham-Manchester United match.

During this A-match period, when both performance and results were not good, an incident occurred over whether to attend the ‘Legend Match’. After the defeat against Wales, he approached Aaron Ramsey and asked for a jersey. I couldn’t hold back a bitter smile when the national team coach asked the opposing player for a uniform in a situation where public opinion was already unfavorable.

It is even more difficult to understand asking fans for support while depicting incomprehensible actions. Son Heung-min also said about Coach Klinsmann’s actions, “I think there may be a similar reaction from the fans.”

If external activities are more important than the role of coach of the national soccer team, it is right to resign from the position of coach and change direction in that direction. If you consider the role of national team coach as your top priority, you must show actions that everyone can acknowledge before saying, “Please support rather than criticize.”

The biggest risk of the Klinsmann is Coach Klinsmann’s eccentricity. If Coach Klinsmann manages the national team with clear priorities, he can prevent criticism or criticism that could shake the team, which Coach Klinsmann is concerned about. If he wants support, he must first make the fans understand. If such negative public opinion shakes the team and is dangerous, Coach Klinsmann needs to change first.
He is not calling for revolutionary change. Everyone did that, including former manager Paulo Bento, who led the round of 16 of the 2022 FIFA Qatar World Cup.

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