Stephen Curry can’t even play in the All-Star game… GSW crying for the time being

Curry is out of the game for a while.

‘The Athletic’ reported on the 6th (Korean time) that Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors suffered a leg injury.

Golden State broke its losing streak with a 119-113 win over Dallas on the 5th. But I couldn’t help but laugh at the victory. Ace Stephen Curry suffered a leg injury. 메이저놀이터

Curry, who had scored 21 points, was replaced after feeling pain in his lower body after colliding with an opponent at the end of the third quarter. Curry, who was not reintroduced to the court afterwards, came back with negative X-ray results.

However, Curry’s injury was more serious than expected. The Athletic said Curry, who injured his left leg, will miss the next few weeks. The exact length of Curry’s absence is not yet known, but he is unlikely to play in the All-Star Game on February 20th.

“The leg injury is expected to keep Stephen Curry out of All-Star Weekend,” the Athletic reported. “Golden State is working to determine the severity and extent of the injury and determine the exact length of Curry’s absence.” .

Curry, who won Finals MVP last season, is still active as the team’s ace, averaging 29.4 points this season. But the injury is disappointing. Curry, who has been sidelined for nearly a month since mid-December due to a shoulder injury, will be off the court again with this injury.

Golden State, 7th in the West, is competing fiercely for the playoffs. The gap between the teams is so close that the gap with the 13th place Lakers is only 2.5 games. If Curry fails to fill the void, Golden State could slip in the rankings in an instant.

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