Starting position ‘no abnormality’ Kim Ha-seong, US media expected SD Opening Day 1st batter – 2nd baseman

ESPN, an American sports media outlet, predicted that Ha-seong Kim (28, San Diego Padres) would have a solid position in the team for the 2023 season.

On the 28th (Korean time), ‘ESPN’ evaluated the expected starting lineup and offensive power for the opening game of 30 major league clubs, predicting that Ha-seong Kim would serve as San Diego’s first hitter and second baseman.

Ha-Sung Kim (2nd Base) – Juan Soto (Right Field) – Manny Machado (3 Base) – Xander Bogaerts (Shortstop) – Jake Cronenworth (1 Base) – Nelson Cruz (DH) – Matt Carpenter (Left Field) – Austin Nola (Catcher) – predicted San Diego’s batting order leading to Trent Grisham (center fielder) as the number one offensive power in the entire big league in the 2023 season. 메이저사이트

What is noteworthy is that Ha-seong Kim was expected to be the San Diego leadoff. Kim Ha-seong showed top-notch defensive skills last year with a batting average of 0.251, 11 home runs, 59 RBIs, and 12 stolen bases, and an OPS of 0.708 in the major leagues, and was nominated for the Gold Glove Award in the National League shortstop category. 

However, as San Diego acquired shortstop Xander Bogarts for 280 million dollars (approximately 345.8 billion won) in 11 years in the Stove League offseason, observations were pouring in that there would be a change in the team’s position. Although it has not been done so far, there are reports in the US local media that the possibility of trade is high. 

Before departing for the United States on the 27th, Kim Ha-seong calmly said, “Many people seem to be worried, but I always have to compete with any team,” and “So I have to prepare well for what I can do with confidence.” He conveyed his determination to prepare for the season.

If Ha-seong Kim is wearing a San Diego uniform until the opening game, a position shift to second base is inevitable. It is expected that a large change will occur, such as Cronenworth moving from second base to first base.

However, ‘ESPN’ As Kim Ha-seong proved his value in defense, hitting, and running last year, it is expected that he will play the ground as a key player in San Diego this season.Photo

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