“Sorry to the fans who have been looking forward to it” elbow surgery → season out, the rookie king bowed his head first

KT Wiz’s native ace So-Jun Sohn (22), whose season was virtually confirmed due to elbow surgery, bowed his head toward the fans.

On the 11th, So Joon So-jun posted on his personal SNS account, “I’m sorry to the fans who expected me to throw the ball in a healthy and spirited way on the mound.”

The reason Joon Sohn posted on social media was because the surgery was suddenly decided during the season. Joon Sohn started the game against Suwon NC on the 10th and went through 3⅔innings, 7 hits, 3 walks, 2 strikeouts and 4 runs. From the first inning, he experienced a decrease in restraint and difficulty in controlling his ball, unlike So Joon Joon, in the fourth inning, while dealing with Park Gun-woo after two deaths, he broke away from the mound and complained of elbow pain, and voluntarily gave up.

The next day,메이저사이트 a hospital examination revealed a ruptured collateral ligament on the medial side of his right elbow. A torn ligament in his right elbow forced him to undergo Tommy John surgery, requiring long-term rehabilitation. According to a KT official, So Joon So-jun plans to set the exact date for surgery after undergoing another close examination.

[OSEN=Suwon, Correspondent Daeseon Lee] NC won a dramatic come-from-behind victory with the promised 8th and 9th innings. NC Dinos won 8-7 come-from-behind victory in Game 5 of the season against KT Wiz in the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League held at Suwon KT Wiz Park on the 10th. NC secured an early 3-game winning series with 2 wins in a row and recorded 16 wins and 14 losses in the season. On the other hand, KT, who fell into the pit of 5 consecutive losses, recorded 8 wins, 2 draws and 19 losses. After the game, KT So-Jun Sohn is leaving the stadium. 2023.05.10 /sunday@osen.co.kr

Joon Sohn, who was born in Shingo Yu, entered the pro after receiving the first nomination from KT in the 2020 rookie draft. In the first year of his debut, he left a strong impression with an ERA of 3.86 in 26 matches, 13 wins and 6 losses, and won the Rookie of the Year title. Thanks to this, Joon Sohn boarded the 2023 WBC (World Baseball Classic) national team and even wore the Taegeuk mark.

His fourth professional season, which started off with great expectations, did not go as planned. On April 2, his first game of the season, he played the worst pitch in 2⅓ innings and 9 runs against Suwon LG, injuring his right forearm muscle and focusing on rehabilitation for about a month. On May 3, he returned from the game against SSG Incheon and announced his recovery from injury with 5 innings and 1 run, but his elbow suddenly suffered and the season was decided to be out a month after the opening. Tommy John surgery usually requires a recovery period of about 12 months.

Joon Sohn, who finished his 4th professional season with an ERA of 11.45 without a win or loss in 3 games, said, “I will do well to prepare well so that I can return to the image that fans expect by undergoing a successful surgery and rehabilitation. I sincerely thank the fans for their concern,” he promised next season.

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