SON’s partner… Rejected to Al-Sad, ‘The transfer fee is 8 billion won’

 It was revealed that Lucas Moura, who was completely pushed out of Tottenham and turned into a’weekend thief’, refused to transfer to the Qatar club, burning the inside of his current team.

Santi Aona, who contributes to the French ‘Foot Mercato’, reported this news through social media on the 3rd. He said, “Qatari Al Sadd proposed a transfer to Moura, and Tottenham accepted it. The transfer fee was 5 million pounds (about 8 billion won),” he said, “but the player refused to move.”

Moura’s contract with Tottenham expires in June.

In Europe, there was no club to take him, who was released as a free agent shortly after, but the Middle East was different.

As a result, Tottenham accepted the Al Sadd offer, which could collect even a small transfer fee, but it seems that the transfer did not take place because Moura was unwilling.

There have been quite a few reports that Moura turned down offers from the Middle East, but this is the first time that the team name Al Sadd has been specifically mentioned. 스포츠토토

Moura, Brazil’s top prospect, has scored 38 goals and provided 27 assists in 213 appearances since joining Tottenham in 2018.

In particular, in the 2018/19 season UEFA (European Football Confederation) Champions League semi-final second leg away from Ajax, he exploded a hat-trick and established himself as the ‘Hero of Amsterdam’.

At this time, Tottenham was in danger of being eliminated as the first half ended 0-2. In an unlikely situation, Moura scored three goals in the second half to lead Tottenham to the Champions League final for the first time in the club’s history.

He also showed good chemistry with Son Heung-min.

However, Moura has been pushed out of the competition since then due to injuries and the joining of Dejan Klusevski. This season, due to a calf injury, he has not been able to digest as many games as he can in 8 league games through substitution. 

Moura, who chose to stay despite being expected to leave the team during the winter transfer market, is preparing to return to the first team by scoring in a second-team match on the 28th.

From the point of view of Moura, who receives a weekly wage of 140 million won from Tottenham, it seems that there is no reason to leave now unless the Middle East comes with a huge amount.

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