Son Heung-min survived, and the sweet juma also flashed… ‘Changed Tottenham’ is coming

Reporter Ahn Young-joon = Tottenham Hotspur of the English Premier League (EPL) will play again for a rebound. The ranking, which was once ranked first, has now dropped to fifth, but it is still too early to give up the championship competition and advance to the UEFA Champions League (UCL).

First of all, it is nice to see that Son Heung-min, who was the team’s biggest concern, is alive. In addition, it is also encouraging that Arnaut Danjuma, brought through the winter transfer market, is solving the shortcomings.

Tottenham is running 5th in the 2022-23 EPL with 11 wins, 3 draws and 7 losses (36 points). It is 14 points away from leader Arsenal (50 points), who played two fewer games. 4th place Manchester United (39 points), the last line of the UCL finals, also played one less game than Tottenham.

It’s not an easy position to jump to the top, but there is still hope. This is because it has prepared a valuable stepping stone for the recent rebound.

Tottenham’s biggest concern recently was Son Heung-min’s ‘up and down’. The player who was the league’s top scorer with 23 goals last season is only scoring 4 goals in the league this season. It was only two games that I even tasted the goal.

For Tottenham, where goals are heavily focused on Son Heung-min and Harry Kane in terms of team tactics, it was a bigger blow because it lost one of its two wings. At this rate, Son Heung-min as well as Tottenham could spend the most frustrating ‘sweet potato season’ ever.

It was a time when he could carefully bring out the ‘crisis theory’ if the sluggishness was prolonged, but fortunately, Son Heung-min returned ‘not too late’.

Son Heung-min announced a revival by scoring multiple goals against Preston in the round of 32 of the 2022-23 FA Cup held on the 29th (Korean time).

Son Heung-min scored with his ‘trademark’ left-footed kick mid-range shot and tried his unique challenging dribble four times, perfectly regaining his good looks.

Son Heung-min, who had been evaluated as “losing his confidence due to the burden”, laughed after the end, saying, “This is a score that will greatly help restore confidence. I am happy to help the team win.”

British media BBC panelist Jermaine Jenas welcomed, saying, “Son Heung-min has regained the spark. Now Tottenham’s goal for the season must be readjusted (higher).” It’s not too much of a fuss, but it’s true that a good inflection point has been made 스포츠토토

Not only this. Danzuma, who was brought in through the winter transfer window, scored his debut goal in ‘Tottenham debut’. Danjuma, who can play both central and flanking strikers, has been an essential resource for Tottenham, which has recently been overloaded throughout the attacking line.

In fact, even in the game that day, key players such as Son Heung-min and Dejan Klusevski showed physical difficulties as they moved backwards, and Kane, who could not digest training due to injury, was resting on the bench at all.

At that time, ‘transfer student’ Danjuma was replaced and changed the flow of the game and even scored a goal, so Tottenham used the necessary weapon in the right place.

Tottenham is also aiming for the addition of Pedro Poro, who can see both side defense and midfielder, and central defender Piero Incapi. Although no official announcement has been made between the two players, in fact, discussions have been completed.

Son Heung-min regained his form, and as soon as Lee Jeok-saeng arrived, he did what the team wanted. Here, two promising players are also ahead of joining. This is a team that is completely different from Tottenham, who has been struggling with recent sluggishness.

Son Heung-min, who previously said, “Anything can happen in the league. I did not give up on winning the championship,” said after the match against Preston, “I have a pleasant energy to face Manchester City (February 6) in the 22nd round of the EPL.” “I am looking forward to a bigger leap forward.

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