Shin Young-seok’s secret to becoming the ‘king of blocking’… “Looking at the notes, my anxiety disappears”

Volleyball players cheer when they succeed in blocking the opposing striker’s blow.

KEPCO’s professional men’s volleyball player Shin Young-seok is rewriting the all-time blocking record.

What is the secret to becoming the ‘king of blocking’?

Reporter Jo Han-dae met directly.


Shin Young-seok of KEPCO is called the ‘king of blocking’ in the league for his 2m tall jumping ability and innate quickness.

Shin Young-seok, who made his professional debut in 2008, rewrote his all-time blocking goal record in November last year.

Currently, Shin Young-seok’s blocking score is 1,097 points. It surpassed the previous record set by coach Lee Seon-gyu of the same team during his active career by more than 40 points. 메이저사이트

<Shin Young-seok / KEPCO> “I questioned if I was number one, but now that I’ve become number one, I feel a sense of responsibility, and I’m planning to catch more and set unbreakable records in the future.”

It was thanks to the ‘Blocking Note’ that meticulously analyzed opponents that he was able to rise to an unrivaled position in blocking.

<Shin Young-seok / KEPCO> “With that note, I have a routine of what to do today, so my anxiety disappears…(Notebook) The person’s habits and habits, and what kind of play he/she plays when the situation comes…”

<Shin Young-seok / KEPCO> “If I run brightly and do my best, I think there will definitely be a good opportunity in the second half. As a senior, I lead my juniors when they are having a hard time, and the role I have to play again is important.”

Shin Young-seok, who took first place in the men’s division in the all-star fan vote, promised to repay the fans’ love.

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