Shin Ji-ae, the most victorious female player in Korea… “‘Let’s win again’ ignited 62 wins”

 “It was 62 wins for 63 wins,” Shin Ji-ae (35), the “golf master”, said calmly but confidently.

Shin Ji-ae (35) won her 62nd professional career victory by reaching the top at the Australian Women’s Professional Golf (WPGA) Tour Victoria Open, which ended on the 12th at Thirteen’s Beach Golf Links in Victoria, Australia. The reason Shin Ji-ae continues to collect trophies is all the more meaningful because she has the most wins among Korean female players. She has 11 wins on the US Women’s Professional Golf (LPGA) Tour (excluding duplicate multipliers on other tours), 2 wins on the Ladies European Tour (LET), 26 wins on the Japan Women’s Professional Golf (JLPGA) Tour, and 26 wins on the Korean Women’s Professional Golf (KLPGA) Tour. recorded 20 victories. In addition to her, she added one win each on the Ladies Asian Tour and in Taiwan, accumulating a record of 62 victories.

Jiae Shin said the day after her win when she reached the phone on the 13th, she was working out at a training center in Australia and was eating dinner when she got the phone call, she said. She made her debut on the KLPGA tour in 2006, only her professional career. She is in her 18th year this year. To him, her golf is still a ‘booster’ fueled by passion. Shin Ji-ae said, “Fortunately, she has a lot of greed to improve in golf. She still has so much fun practicing and training,” she said. She says she won the day before, but she made mistakes, so she analyzes them and tries to make up for them. She goes to the practice range, she says. The reason why she chose Melbourne, Australia as a training ground is because the sun sets at 9:00 PM, so she can practice without wanting to.

18 years of professional life… I still like fighting with myself and nature

Shin Ji-ae, who stayed in Australia for about a month and trained, reached the top at the Victoria Open, where she wanted to finish her training and check her skills in practice. Shin Ji-ae said, “I was very happy because it was a win made through hard work, not luck, and since she didn’t win last year, it was better because she was able to create a winning trend from the start of this season,” she looked back.

On the last day of the competition, she said, strong winds of 35 km/h raged, and when gusty winds blew, the conditions were not easy for her to compete in as strong as 50 km/h. Rookie Cathy Porter (Australia), who was in the lead, could not stand the wind and collapsed after losing 7 strokes. Shin Ji-ae, who started the final round in a tie for second place by two strokes, won an overwhelming victory by five strokes thanks to her skill. Her recent progress in strength training and her efforts to change the quality of her muscles have helped her maintain her energy in the gale.

Shin Ji-ae also had a period of ‘burnout’. It was at the time when she was active on the LPGA tour. She was Shin Ji-ae, who even climbed to the top of the world rankings, but her frequent injuries due to her long travel distance and her greed for golf made her body and mind hard and she was not ready to overcome them. He returned her LPGA Tour card and headed to Japan to enjoy golf longer. Then the passion for golf was rekindled. Shin Ji-ae says that the charm of her golf is ‘a fight against herself and against nature’. Just as she overcame the strong wind at the Victoria Open and reached the top, she said that she was able to feel nature while playing in her nature. 메이저사이트

I want to serve as a bridge for my juniors and the golf world

Shin Ji-ae said, “For me, the fact that my juniors ask me something is so pretty. So there was a time when I thought that the position of looking at her juniors could change to a position of advising from the outside rather than a competitor.” This is because Shin Ji-ae is now one of her seniors, to the extent that her friends of the same age, such as Choi Na-yeon and Kim Ha-neul, have already retired from active duty. Shin Ji-ae said, “I will have to prepare for retirement gradually,” but added, “But right now, my head is full of thoughts about what season to spend this year.”

Shin Ji-ae will finish her training in Australia soon and move on to Japan, where she will start the JLPGA tour in earnest. He said, “It feels good to win, but I felt like I was preparing well and I think I’m going in a good direction.” did,” he said. In addition, she said that her biggest goal is not to lose her current passion, and that if she continues to play like that, good results will follow.

Lastly, she added that Shin Ji-ae hopes to meet Korean fans often. She said, “I had so much fun playing with my Korean juniors in Singapore last year. I really want to meet Korean fans, so if a good opportunity arises, I want to play in Korea this year.”

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