Season 15 wins → PO Frustrated foreigner, camp tardy → bullpen pitching first… Director’s order “Use your changeup”

 On the 6th (Korean time), LG’s spring camp is being held in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA. Foreign pitcher Plutko pitched in the bullpen that day. He took the mound three days after joining spring camp late.

Plutco only belatedly participated in the third day of training at the LG camp on the 4th. He was late to camp. he had a story On the 1st, Plutko tried to travel by plane from Dallas, USA to Phoenix, the campsite, but the runway at the Dallas Airport was icy and he was unable to depart normally. He joined the LG camp lodging on the 3rd after the runway icing was lifted.

He trains four days a day, and the fifth is a team rest day. On the 6th, when the second turn of camp began, Plutko pitched the bullpen. On this day, only Plutko and Seong Dong-hyun pitched in the bullpen. 카지노사이트

Plutko is the fastest, except for the first bullpen pitching on the 4th by three national team pitchers Koh Woo-seok, Jung Woo-young, and Kim Yun-sik, who need to quickly improve their physical condition with the World Baseball Classic (WBC) national team.

Plutko has been solidifying his physical condition through personal training in the US offseason. Even when he first signed with LG last year, he pitched his first bullpen earlier than other pitchers at the Icheon spring camp in early February.

Plutko teamed up with Park Dong-won, the new main catcher this season. LG transferred Yoo Kang-nam to Lotte as a free agent and recruited Park Dong-won last winter for 4 years and 6.5 billion won as a free agent. Plutko threw 36 pitches and evenly threw a fastball, cutter, and changeup curve slider.

After the bullpen pitching, Plutko said, “The overall feeling was good. It was fun working with Park Dong-won, and I look forward to it more. I’m ready. LG fighting. 

” However, before the last appearance of the season, he suffered a back injury, and as a starter in the second game of the playoffs, he was sluggish with 6 runs (4 ERA)

in 1⅔ innings. I talked to coaches for a long time. The subject was Plutko’s changeup. Last year, Plutko threw a changeup only against left-handed hitters, but this year he said he was thinking of throwing a changeup against right-handed hitters. Then coach Yeom advised, “You can throw as you do now . 

Believe in your changeup and throw it. I think it will work well for a right-handed hitter. Just go low.”

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