School board ‘took no action’ over alleged abuse of baseball captain’s son

The son of a former professional baseball manager who was accused of bullying has received a “no action” decision from the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education, which has been investigating the case.바카라사이트

‘No action’ means that disciplinary action cannot be taken due to the difficulty of objective proof.

Manager A’s family was informed of the outcome of the deliberations of the School Violence Response Review Committee (Hakbok) sent by the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education via registered mail on the 17th.

The committee reportedly made this decision after listening to the statements of the victim and the alleged perpetrator and comprehensively reviewing them, concluding that there were insufficient grounds to recognise bullying.

After receiving the notification from the Ministry of Education, Manager A said, “I’m sorry to the fans of professional baseball for being involved in something bad. I think it will ease their burden a little bit.”

In May, media reports revealed that B-gun, a second-year baseball player at a Seoul-area high school, claimed to have been physically and mentally abused by his teammates in the same grade. Three of the alleged perpetrators are the sons of the current president of the Korean Baseball Organization, which has led to further controversy.

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