Samseon Middle School beats Jeonju Nam Middle School, one step closer to the gold medal

 Samseonjung was like the strongest team in the south-central region.

Samseon Middle School, representative of Seoul, met Jeonju Nam Middle School, a strong player of tradition, in the men’s U16 and under quarterfinals of the 52nd National Youth Sports Festival held at Ulsan University Gymnasium in Ulsan on the 28th.안전놀이터

From the start, the powerful attack power of the three lines demonstrated its power.

Yoon Ji-won (190cm, F) made a sharp pass and 3 points, and Yoon Ji-hoon (183cm, G) scored with a bold drive-in attack.

Under the goal, Kim Ho-won (197cm, C) and Song Young-hoon (193cm, CF) accumulated points one by one with an offensive rebound followed by a shot under the goal.

For Jeonju Namjung, Son Gwang-won (178cm, G), Kim Seung-pyo (183cm, F), and Kim Chan-hee (181cm, F) took turns in pursuit with 3-pointers, but it was regrettable that they were pushed out of the air.

Samseonjung, who led 51-31, did not slow down the offensive in the second half, and in an instant, the score difference between the two teams increased to more than 30 points.

Jeonju Namjung tried hard to narrow the score difference with the substitute players, but it was not enough to overturn the already energetic game.

In the previous game, Hwabongjung on the home court, after an unexpected struggle, calmed the rising trend of Chungbuk representative Chungjujung and won 82-63.

Before the game, many experts expected Hwabongjung to win easily, but when the game started, Chungjujung struggled throughout the first half due to strong resistance.

Hwabongjung failed to overwhelm the opponent until the middle of the game, but Hwabongjung, who showed a physical advantage in the second half, created space with a passing game and steadily scored with quick attacks and middle jumpers to take the lead. Although they competed with height, they could hardly overcome the difference in scoring success rate.

Hwabongjung, who regained confidence by increasing the score difference, repeated the scoring streak with his unique speedy attack and finished the game with a marginal victory.

In the confrontation between Hogye Middle School, the representative of Gyeonggi Province, and Sangju Middle School, the Gyeongbuk National Team, the runner-up in the last tournament, Hogye Middle School, which led the game with active offense from the beginning of the game, defeated 84-54, and Song Do-jung, the Incheon representative, showed concentration in the final quarter and scored 66-61, representing Gangwon. After beating Pyeongwon Middle School, he joined the semifinals last.

In the women’s under-16 competition held at the Ulsan University Gymnasium, Supia Girls’ Middle School, representing Gwangju, won against Yeonam Middle School, representing Ulsan, by a large margin of 86-50.

Supia Girls’ Middle School Lim Yeon-seo (170cm, G), who was selected for the U16 women’s basketball team, recorded 24 points, 4 rebounds, 8 assists and 7 steals, showing the best scoring machine in the female midfield.

In the second game, Masan Girls’ Middle School, representing Gyeongnam Province, won 73-61, representing Cheongju Girls’ Middle School, representing North Chungcheong Province. In the match between Dongju Girls’ Middle School, representing Busan and Buil Girls’ Middle School, representing Incheon, Kim Seo-hyun (168cm, G) recorded a triple-double with 18 points, 11 rebounds and 11 assists. Dongju Girls’ Middle School led by , won 97-45.

One spot in the final semifinals was won by Seonil Women’s Middle School, representing Seoul, with a score of 81-68, and won by Bongui Middle School, representing Gangwon Province.

<match result>
Male U16
Ulsan Hwabong Middle School 82(16-17, 27-23, 17-10, 22-13)63 Chungbuk Chungju Middle School Gyeonggi Hogye Middle School
84(19-13, 31-17, 20-10, 14-14)54 Gyeongbuk Sangju Middle School
Seoul Samseon Middle School 101(35-22, 16-9, 29-17, 21-16)64 Jeonbuk Jeonju Nam Middle School Incheon
Songdo Middle School 66(15-19, 12-16, 18-17, 21-6)61 Gangwon Pyeongwon Middle School

Female U16 and under
Gwangju Supia Girls’ Middle School 86 (18-15, 39-6, 7-15, 22-14)50 Ulsan Yeonam Middle School
Masan Girls’ Middle School 73 in Gyeongnam (24-18, 17-13, 13-8, 19-22) )61 Chungcheongbuk-do Cheongju Girls’ Middle School
Busan Dongju Girls’ Middle School 97(24-14, 19-12, 28-7, 26-12)45 Incheon Buil Girls’ Middle School
Seoul Seonil Girls’ Middle School 81(19-26, 22-14, 16-13, 24-15 )68 Gangwon Bongui Middle School

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