Rule-Gender ‘Destruction’ weekend entertainment, a feast of stars united through volleyball

 Neither rules nor gender have meaning in the All-Star Game.

The Dodram V-League All-Star Game, which was held on the 29th at Samsan World Gymnasium in Incheon, was held in a hot atmosphere from beginning to end. With 6,446 spectators filling the gymnasium, it was a festival where players, fans, and officials all became one and breathed.

The match was divided into sets 1 and 2 for women and sets 3 and 4 for men. The first team to reach 15 points in each set won.

As expected from the All-Star Game, a dance ceremony was held especially in the women’s division, heating up the atmosphere. Z Star’s Lee Da-hyun, Kang So-hui, and Kwon Min-ji stood at the center of the dance.

In addition to dancing, there were plenty of things to see. The players not only danced, but also showed off their various charms, making the All-Star Game a ‘weekend entertainment’. Destroying rules and regulations was the beginning of entertainment.

Kang So-hui, who was on the court, entered the competition committee and made a decision in favor of Z-Star through video reading, causing laughter. Kim Hee-jin stepped up to the referee’s seat and responded by overturning the decision. In the men’s division, Lim Dong-hyeok of Z-Star gave his hand to Z-Star by directly reading the video. 메이저사이트

In the second set, M Star’s Park Jung-ah surprised everyone by serving with his foot as if he had transformed into a jokgu player. It was even more surprising that the serve went in so accurately.

In the third set of the men’s game, Kwon Min-ji and Joo-ah Lee transformed into line referees on the Z-star side and took on the role of referee. The two continued the decision in favor of Z Star. Then, in M-Star, Nia Reid and Santana, who worked together as extra players, appeared as line referees and fought against them. Kwon Min-ji and Lee Joo-ah continued to make biased judgments and were mischievously confronted by an M-star player.

Director Choi Tae-woong, who served as the head of Z Star, also took part. When Shin Yeong-seok provoked him with a dance during the 3rd set match, coach Choi requested a video review, but the reason was “because the dance was strange”. Shin Young-seok said that he excessively danced the ‘American dance’, shaking his lower body toward the sky, and said, “There are many children… ” he pointed out playfully.

The referee also joined as a ‘scene stealer’. At the end of the second set, when Ikbairi blocked M-Star’s attack, the ball ran toward the referee. Seeing the ball, referee Kim Seon-woo quickly received the ball and connected it to the Z-Star court. The players continued to play, and eventually the goal was recognized. Even the referee participated and made a scene of entertainment. Referee Kim Seon-woo also played as a player at the end of the fourth set.

The competition was divided into men’s and women’s divisions, but scenes of gender destruction continued to appear. Leo, Ikbairi, and Shin Young-seok participated in the women’s game. In the men’s game, Lee Go-eun entered and took the role of setter, receiving applause.

It was a place of festival where the best players of the V-League gathered.

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