‘Retirement overturn’ Yeom Ki-hoon “We must do 80 points and 80 assists”

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Yeom Ki-hun reversed his retirement with the goal of winning Suwon and scoring 80 points and assisting 80 times.

The left-footed wizard who turned 40 this year is reporter Son Jang-hoon.

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Yeom Ki-hun, born in 1983, turned 40 this year.

I’m three or four years older than some of the coaches, and the youngest on the squad is almost my son’s age.

[Lee Sang-min/Suwon]
“I’ve been a mentor/mentee since I was in the first year of middle school. 3 years in a row. Didn’t you see the interview, hyung? My goal is to become a ‘semi-professional’, ‘Hyung assists, I score’…”

[Yeom Ki-hun/Suwon]
” I should try it.”

Still, his signature left-footed kick was still sharp.

He was not pushed back in the goal match against 19-year-old Lee Sang-min.

[Yeom Ki-hun/Suwon]
“There are some things that are a bit overpowered, but I also think of the old days when I was a rookie, so I am working hard while bumping into the players.” 안전놀이터

Yeom Ki-hoon, who debuted in 2006, is literally a living legend.

He recorded 77 goals and 110 assists over 17 years, leading the career assists, and also holds the record for the most long-term free kick goals with 17 goals.

However, last season, which predicted the end, he changed his mind to play for one more year as the team went all the way to the relegation playoffs and failed to raise any offensive points.

Yeom Ki-hoon plans to challenge not only the team championship, but also the first K-League record of 80 points and 80 assists with three goals left.

[Yeom Ki-hun/Suwon]
“They were desperate. When I go in (the stadium), I think I will have to buy them something more delicious to get a penalty kick and ask my juniors a lot like that.”

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