Professionalism that cannot keep up with popularity-interest… The sense of crisis that hit the V-League

 It is difficult to expect a ‘long run’ unless a level of operation commensurate with popularity and interest is not supported.

The V-League has established itself as the flower of winter sports and a popular event. Although there is a temperature difference between men and women, it has definitely turned into a different atmosphere from the past, when people were concerned about survival itself. In particular, the women’s section is so popular that it often records 1% viewer ratings. In this season, as Kim Yeon-kyung returns, there are many cases where Heungkuk Life Insurance matches are sold out.

As popularity and interest increase, so does responsibility. Since there are many eyes to see, you have to show a higher level of ability in all aspects. However, the recent V-League seems to go against the expectations of the public. There is no quiet day.

It was the beginning of the referee’s misjudgment. I couldn’t see the easy video reading properly, so I was on the chopping block, but another misjudgment came out in the next game, and even an inconsistent judgment broke out, triggering a conflict between the Korean Volleyball Federation and the volleyball team. There are days when I have no choice but to doubt the ability of referees and supervisors. Recently, the V-League teams have become sensitive to referee decisions and do not trust them.

Following the controversy over the decision, even a player involved in military service corruption came out, causing the league to suffer. Although it was an individual player’s deviation, it had a big impact because it was an incident that put a negative image on the entire league.

The case did not end here. As Heungkuk Life Insurance suddenly kicked out manager Kwon Soon-chan, all issues in the V-League were focused. It was an unreasonable greeting from a team with good results, running in second place. In fact, the hardened coach had to leave the team after hearing the story only in the morning of the day. The volleyball board was greatly shaken by an unreasonable decision by a senior official of the club.

It feels like walking on thin ice. A volleyball official said, “In the morning, I worry about what happened again today. I feel anxious and risky,” he said, sticking out his tongue.

Looking at the incidents that keep popping up, the V-League is absurd enough to question whether it is a pro. The types of incidents and the parties involved are so diverse that it makes me worry about the level of the entire league. Professionalism that cannot keep up with the popularity and interest of the public is ruining the league. 안전놀이터

It is a reality that it is difficult to expect a better V-League in the recent atmosphere. Rather than simply thinking that the incident happened, all members of the V-League should take responsibility as professionals and strive to make the league better. It is a time when everyone needs to wake up.

In order to continue and leap forward in the current interest and popularity, you must have professional skills in all aspects. Starting from basic performance, the player’s ethical consciousness, the club’s management ability, or referee’s judgment must be developed evenly to respond to the needs of the public.

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