‘Pray For Turkey’ Director Kim Yeon-kyung and Cesar “Mourning”

Korean sports figures with ties to Turkey, where thousands of people died in the massive earthquake, expressed their condolences.

On the 7th, Kim Yeon-kyung of Heungkuk Life Insurance, a professional volleyball player, posted several posts related to Turkiye with phrases such as “Help Turkey” and “Pray For Turkey” on Instagram on the 7th. conveyed condolences.

‘Volleyball Empress’ Kim Yeon-kyung has a deep relationship with Turkey. In 2011, he entered Turkiye, which has the world’s best women’s volleyball league, and played for Fenerbahce until 2017, becoming the world’s best player. After moving to China, she returned to Türkiye after 1 season and played for Exzashi Bashi in 2018-2020. 먹튀검증

Cesar Hernandez Gonzalez, coach of the Korean women’s volleyball team, also posted on social media, “I express all my prayers and condolences for those affected by the earthquake.” I will be with you,” he joined her mourning. Spanish coach Cesar also serves as the head coach of Vakifbank in the Turkiye League.

In the aftermath of the devastating earthquake, Turkiye Sports came to an all-stop. After the earthquake, the Turkiye government announced that “all sporting events have been suspended until further notice.”

News of the damage, disappearance, and rescue of sports players were also reported. Regarding Christian Arts, a former member of the Ghana soccer team who went missing, the Daily Mail reported that “Arts was dramatically rescued from the wreckage of a collapsed building.” Mustafa Ojat, vice president of Hatayspor, Art’s team, told the media, “Arts was injured, but was rescued safely.” “But there are club officials who have not been rescued yet.” Hatay, home of Arts’ team, Hatayspor, was severely damaged by the earthquake.

News of the disappearance of goalkeeper Ahmet Eyip Urkaslan, who plays in the second division of Turkish football, has also been reported. The team Yeni Malatyaspor said on the club’s social media, “Our goalkeeper is still under the collapsed building. Search and rescue operations are continuing, but there is no news. Please pray,” he posted.

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