Pohang departs for training in Hanoi, Vietnam on the 9th… “We will look to a higher place for the fans”

 Professional soccer team Pohang Steelers is leaving for overseas training in Hanoi, Vietnam for the first time in three years.

The Pohang team will depart from Incheon International Airport on Asiana Airlines flight OZ729 at 9:10 am on January 9, and begin warming up for the 2023 season in Hanoi, Vietnam. Under the guidance of coach Kim Ki-dong, we plan to conduct training with an emphasis on strengthening physical strength to overcome the season well and matching hands and feet between players. 메이저사이트

In the aftermath of Corona 19, Pohang, which had not been able to conduct overseas battery training since Buriram, Thailand in 2020, chose Hanoi, Vietnam as its first overseas battery training site in three years. In January, the average maximum temperature in Hanoi, Vietnam, is in the mid-20s, so it is good to focus on physical training, and the flight time is also about 5 hours one way, so the fatigue caused by moving is relatively low, making it a suitable place for winter training.

Coach Kim Ki-dong expressed his determination, saying, “I will prepare well with the players and produce better results than last year,” and “I will look to a higher place for the fans who always support me.”

Pohang, which departed on the 9th, will train in Hanoi, Vietnam until January 28th, return home and spend a short vacation, and will conduct the second winter training in Seogwipo, Jeju Island from February 1st.

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