‘Playboy’ Neymar finally becomes a ‘father’ → Richarlison, etc. congratulations poured out

 French Paris Saint-Germain Neymar finally becomes a father. 토스카지노Her girlfriend, model Bruna Biancardi, is pregnant. The news came after her girlfriend posted a picture of her with Neymar on her own social media.

British media reported on the 19th that ‘Neymar announced the pregnancy of her first child in a sweet post by her girlfriend’.

Now recovering from surgery for a knee injury, Neymar and model Wag posted several photos while sharing the news of their first child. In this photo, there is also a picture of Neymar kissing her girlfriend’s pregnant belly while putting on a happy expression. She also uploaded a picture of Neymar rejoicing in her happiness, humorously sticking out her tongue.

It’s rare to see Neymar making such a happy face these days.

Weincardi, 28, wrote in Portuguese along with five sweet snapshots, “We dream of your life, plan your arrival, know that you are here to consummate our love and make our days even better.” It makes me happier.” At the same time, she released a picture of her slightly tummy tucked out.

She continued, “Neymar, you will arrive in a beautiful home with your brothers, grandparents, uncles and aunts who already love you very much. Welcome son and daughter, we are waiting for a child.” He has already expressed his intense love.

Congratulations also poured in. Neymar’s former and current teammates commented and congratulated him.

Tottenham striker Richarlison, a fellow Brazilian national team member, and PSG midfielder Marco Verratti congratulated him.

Neymar is the first child with Bruna. Already when Neymar was 20 years old, she gave birth to her first son. She is now 11 years old and she had a son named Debbie Luca from her then girlfriend who was 19 years old.

Bruna now has her own clothing brand in São Paulo, Brazil. The two reportedly started dating in 2021.

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