Permanently expelled handball coach for violence participates in high school competition… cancellation of registration late

A coach who had been permanently expelled for committing violence against a youth player returned as a high school team leader and even competed, but it was later confirmed that he was not eligible to register as a coach.

Coach A is a leader who was permanently expelled from the association for violently assaulting a player when teaching the youth team 10 years ago in 2013.

However, in 2017, the level of disciplinary action was reduced due to a three-year suspension from the Korea Handball Association, and the disciplinary action ended in 2020.

Afterwards, 토토사이트Mr. A, who returned to the coaching field after being appointed as a coach at B high school in Gangwon-do last summer, led high school players to participate in the 78th National Handball Championship held in Jeongeup, Jeonbuk last month.

However, according to the registration rules of the Korea Handball Association, “If you are subject to a disciplinary action of suspension of qualification for more than one year for match fixing, biased judgment, violence/sexual assault, embezzlement/breach of trust at the Sports Association or an organization related to the Sports Association, you will be permanently assigned as a leader, referee, or player manager.” cannot be registered”.

This is an item that is also listed in the Korea Olympic Committee regulations, and is applied to most events in Korea.

Therefore, even if the disciplinary period for Mr. A has expired in 2020, he has been subject to a disciplinary suspension for more than one year due to violence, so he cannot be permanently registered as a leader, referee, or player manager regardless of whether the disciplinary action has ended.

Nevertheless, he was openly appointed as a high school team coach and coached student athletes for nearly 10 months, and even competed in the category championship last month.

In fact, there was controversy from the time Mr. A was appointed as the coach of B’s ​​high school.

This is because some former and current handball players who suffered damage from Mr. A due to the violent guidance method raised the question, ‘Is it possible for someone who was disciplined for such severe violence to take charge of the high school team again?’

It is also known that complaints have been received by the local education office and sports associations that it is inappropriate for Mr. A to coach high school players.

In particular, one of the victims of violence even went so far as to protest the news of Mr. A’s return to the field by directly visiting the Korea Handball Association and saying, “Please show me the minutes of the meeting in 2017, when Mr. A’s disciplinary action was reduced.”

2020 Sports Human Rights Special Education for Leaders of the Korea Sports Council
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However, the Korea Handball Association has been consistent with a passive response to this issue.

The association said, “It is true that he was permanently expelled in 2013, but the disciplinary action was reduced in 2017, and since the disciplinary period ended, there is no procedural problem with Mr. A becoming a high school coach for B.”

In the end, Mr. A successfully completed the category championship, and the Korea Handball Association, which belatedly grasped the relevant regulations only after the tournament was over, admitted that “Mr. We sent an official letter,” he said on the 12th.

If he had looked at the relevant regulations even once when various complaints and protests related to Mr. A were pouring in, he could have prevented Mr. A from coaching high school players again or sitting on the bench at the individual championships.

Those who suffered violence from Mr. A recently met with Yonhap News and said, “If we look at the cases we have experienced or heard from around us, we cannot understand that the punishment of permanent expulsion has been reduced to 3 years.” It is also something that cannot be done with common sense apart from the rules.”

An official from the Korea Handball Association said, “We will supplement the system in the future so that those who fall under the reason for disqualification from registration will not be registered at all.” “he said.

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