Pay Attention to High School Baseball All-Star, Kaesong High Speed ​​Ball Pitcher Kim Tae-yoon

 The 2023 Shinsegae E-Mart Cup National High School Baseball Championship ended on the 11th with Deoksu High School winning.

In the first tournament 메이저놀이터of the season, the E-Mart Bae, many good players stood out. Among them, Hwang Jun-seo, a left-hander at Jangchung High School, and Jang Hyeon-seok, a right-hander at Masan Yongma High School, were by far the best. 

Despite being early in the season, both players threw fastballs that exceeded 150 km and showed the appearance of dominating opponent batters. In particular, Jang Hyun-seok raised his speed up to the middle of 150km, drawing attention from the pro scout team. Some players are quietly aiming for the first round in an atmosphere where the two players are forming a second-round composition in the early stages of this year’s first round. This is Kim Tae-yoon from Kaesong High School in Busan.

Kim Tae-yoon, who is 182cm tall and weighs 93kg, has already shown a salty pitch in the winter league, allowing only 5 runs in 23 innings with a fast ball of 154km and a high-speed slider of 140km/h. However, due to his paid last year, he was unable to attend E-Mart’s high school baseball game. Kim Tae-yoon is also said to have been more motivated by watching his rivals perform.

Kim Tae-yoon, like his role model Go Woo-seok (LG), is a player with strong fastballs and high-speed sliders. He said, “I start the season a little later than others, but I’m preparing more perfectly. I’ll have fewer opportunities to show it off, but I’ll show my strengths with a courageous appearance. My goal this year is to become a first-rounder in the draft and to be selected by the national team.” expressed his aspirations.

External evaluations are so good that people say, ‘Jang Hyeon-seok is the best fastball, but if you look at the average speed, Kim Tae-yoon is also Jang Hyun-seok’s level.’ High school baseball heats up from the beginning with E-Mart’s high school baseball The second half of high school baseball is already looking forward to how much hotter the first round match will be with Kim Tae-yoon joining this summer.

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