Park Joo-ho “Go out unconditionally. K-League teams also need consideration”…opinion to advance to Europe

“I have to leave unconditionally. The K-League teams also have to be considerate. I can grow and come back as a bigger player.”

Suwon FC side defender Park Joo-ho (36) expressed his opinion on the advancement of Korean players to the European stage.

Park Joo-ho, who visited the ‘2023 K-League Winter Battery Training Media Camp’ held at Barev Hotel in Seogwipo, Jeju on the 7th, advised, “If you are a player, taking on a challenge (European stage) is natural.”

Park Joo-ho said, “If you experience (Europe) when you have the opportunity to go out, the way you see soccer will change.” “When I was 20, I didn’t have the dream of advancing to Europe. It’s because I didn’t see many seniors playing in Europe.”

Park Joo-ho made his professional debut in 2008 with Mito Hollyhock (Japan) and played in the German Bundesliga for 4 years from 2013 through FC Basel (Switzerland).

Park Joo-ho, a “European senior,” said he was glad to see more players hitting the European stage recently.

Oh Hyeon-gyu, who played for Suwon Samsung, joined Celtic, a prestigious Scottish team, and Park Ji-soo, a national defender, joined Portugal Portimonense.

Cho Kyu-seong of Jeonbuk Hyundai, whose stock price soared after scoring two goals at the 2022 Qatar World Cup, also received attention from European clubs such as Mainz (Germany) and Celtic in the transfer market this winter.

Park Joo-ho continued, “Now, watching European players, even elementary school students dream of playing in Europe. While I was in Japan, I also dreamed of advancing to Europe.” did.

After knocking on the Swiss stage, Park Joo-ho, who also entered professional football in Germany, pointed out that advancing to the ‘small and medium leagues’ in Europe was a reasonable option.

“Players also need time to adapt to Europe. Small and medium leagues are never easy places,” he said. (Player’s) competitiveness has to be considered, and he has to adapt.”

It is explained that it is a safer choice to enter the big leagues with the small and medium leagues as a stepping stone.

He said that as much as he knows the importance of adapting to the European stage, he can understand Cho Kyu-sung’s choice.

Cho Kyu-seong, who wanted to advance to Europe, thought about the right time between this winter and the upcoming summer transfer market, and eventually joined Jeonbuk’s training camp in Spain and began quenching for the new season.

Park Joo-ho said, “It’s better to go in the summer. It’s not easy to adapt right away without having a chance to exercise with that teammate.” do,” he said. 온라인바카라

Park Joo-ho said, “You need a mentality to endure when you are having a hard time and maintain it when you are doing well.” “Europe is a boring and lonely place, so you have to compete while overcoming quiet times. You must have a spirit that is not afraid of strong competitors.” said.

Kim Min-jae, who advanced to Serie A and became the best defender in the league, also pointed out that European players are superior to Korean players in terms of mentality.

When Kim Min-jae left for Italy in December of last year, he emphasized, “Actually, Korean players talk about fighting spirit and fighting spirit, but European players run more and have fighting spirit.”

At the time, Kim Min-jae said, “If a proposal comes from a European team to Korean players, I hope (the club) will send it well. To be honest, I envy Japan a lot.” “He also said

Park Joo-ho also agreed.

“Every player agrees with this. The environment of most teams in Japan is similar or better than in Europe,” he said. ” he pointed out.

“Japan continues to send not only players, but also managers and officials to the big leagues to exchange and cooperate,” he said, urging the development of professional football in Korea.

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