Only Joo Min-kyu and Ko Jae-hyun included in the TOP 10… The competition for the top scorer, a new face leads

 New faces are leading the scoring competition.

K-League 1 after the 7th round. The competition for the top scorer is being led by new faces rather than existing resources. Of the players who were in the top 10 in scoring last season, only Joo Min-gyu (Ulsan Hyundai) and Ko Jae-hyeon (Daegu FC) are included this season. Cho Kyu-seong (Jeonbuk Hyundai), who was the top scorer last season, has only one goal in four games due to overlapping injuries.

The top scorer is Ulsan Hyundai Rubikson. Rubiksson has 5 goals. Rubikson is a striker recruited by Ulsan this season. The play based on his vigorous activity was cited as a strength, and he even shows high decision-making power. Rubiksson had 13 shots in seven games, 12 of which were on target. He scored 5 goals out of 12 shots on target, so the purity is high. Amid Rubikson’s performance, his team, Ulsan, is also on a winning streak with 6 wins and 1 loss.

The next striking striker is Gwangju FC’s Asana.토토사이트 Asani also came to the K-League for the first time this season. He scored 4 goals in 6 matches. In the opening game against Suwon Samsung, which was important for Gwangju, he started the horsemanship with a lightning-fast left-footed shot, and in the 4th round against Incheon United, he achieved his first hat-trick of the season. In front of the gate, the accurate and sharp kicking power of the left foot stands out. However, director Lee Jeong-hyo’s mind is still not completely satisfied. In the 7th round against Daegu FC, coach Lee uttered bitter words after replacing Asani in the second half.

Na Sang-ho (FC Seoul), who scored 8 goals last season, scored 4 goals in 7 games this season. Na Sang-ho’s strengths, breaking through and accurate right-footed shots, rose. In addition, Tiago (Daejeon Hana Citizen), who first stepped on the K-League 1 stage, scored 4 goals and 2 assists without having time to adapt. Thiago was the K-League 2 top scorer last season. His advantage is his header with high RBI, but he scored 4 goals with his feet this season.

In addition, Lee Ho-jae (three goals), who has been reborn as a special joker for the Pohang Steelers, has already made his name in the top 10 with three goals. He made up 3 goals with 4 shots on target. Lee Ho-jae, who is in his third season, has already recorded a ‘career high’ in scoring. In particular, he came as a substitute in all six games he played this season. The playing time is only 68 minutes. He is scoring one goal per 22.6 minutes. Hayes (three goals), who returned to the K-League 1 after two years, also participated in the scoring streak.

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