Ohtani-Trout, ‘2 homers with 2 balls’

Ohtani and Trout, teammates of the Los Angeles Angels, who directed the cartoon-like ending scene in the WBC final, We made a famous scene together. He connected two balls in a row for a giant home run.

This is Seonghoon Lee.

In the ninth inning of the World Baseball Classic Finals, 12 days after안전놀이터 Japan’s Ohtani struck out the American trout and roared, the two teammates teamed up for a home run show this time.

In the 5th inning against Oakland, Los Angeles Angels Trout draws the first two-run arch of the season over the middle fence.

Before his teammates wear straw hats for home run hitters and congratulate them, Ohtani, the next hitter, throws the next official first pitch over the middle wall again.

It was Ohtani’s first home run of the season, recorded at 136.4 meters, 4 meters longer than Trout.

The two superstars’ sixth consecutive hitter’s home run gave the Angels their second consecutive win.

New York Yankees slugger duo Judge and Stanton also had a hot home run show.

When Judge, the home run king of last year, drew a solo arch in season 2, going over the left wall like a bullet in the 3rd inning against San Francisco, Stanton appeared shortly after and responded with a tremendous home run that landed on the back screen in the middle of the crowd.

The ball speed of 189 km/h and distance of 147.8 meters were all season records.

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