Naples casting Tosa Gupin? Spalletti and Benitez?

The possibility of coach Luciano Spalletti, who collaborated with Min-jae Kim to win Napoli’s Serie A title, will leave Naples has been raised.

A number of local media outlets,메이저사이트 including <> Italy, reported that Napoli president Aurelio De Laurentiis is considering replacing him with a new command tower ahead of the upcoming season. Spalletti’s relationship with Napoli seems to be showing signs of anomaly after the season’s title was confirmed. Spalletti believes that his salary will increase as much as he wins, and he has met with De Laurentiis.

However, it seems that he could not properly talk with President De Laurentiis due to a feud with Napoli general manager Cristiano Guintoli. In a meeting with the media, while explaining the club’s plans for an additional championship celebration, not a word was said about Spalletti. On the other hand, Spalletti was supposed to attend a press conference with Alex Meret recently, but he was absent.

In the midst of this, the Italian media <Gazetta dello Sport> put forward a prospect that Spanish coach Rafa Benitez may rise to the next command tower in place of coach Spalletti. Rumor has it that Benitez has received an offer from Napoli. Benítez managed Napoli successfully from 2013 to 2015, but never won a title like Spalletti did. Other candidates for manager Antonio Conte, former Tottenham manager, and Giampiero Gasperini, manager of Atalanta, are being discussed.

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