‘Miami blast continues’ Miami manager Spoelstra: “We’re learning how to win”

“Players are learning how to win”

The Miami Heat won 105-86 against the New York Knicks in the 2nd round 3rd round of the 2022-2023 NBA Playoffs held at Miami-Dade Arena on the 7th (hereinafter Korean time) did. Miami made the series 2-1 with the victory on this day.

Miami led the mood from the start of the game. Jimmy Butler (201cm, F), who missed the second game, showed a hot appearance by scoring 10 points in the first quarter alone. In addition, the performance of other players was added. In particular, the defense that tied the opponent to 21 points was dazzling.

After that,카지노사이트 Miami continued to drive. Players scored evenly in the second quarter. There was a crisis when he conceded consecutive runs to Emmanuel Quikley (188cm, G), but Butler’s goal set the mood again.

The atmosphere did not change in the second half. Control the opponent’s attack with a strong defense. In addition, Butler and Max Struss (196cm, F) won the match. The most approval was the defense that tied the opponent to 86 points.

Accordingly, Miami’s head coach Eric Spoelstra also expressed satisfaction. Coach Spoelstra said in an interview after the game, “It seems that the players are figuring out how to win the game as they play. We talk a lot with each other on the court. And it makes the defense stronger. Players are thinking and communicating to win. That’s why our team is strong.”

Miami finished the regular season in 7th place in the East with a record of 44-38. In the play-in tournament, he met and lost to the Atlanta Hawks and showed an uneasy appearance. Afterwards, he won against the Toronto Raptors, but the first round opponent was the Milwaukee Bucks, who were chosen as strong candidates for the championship. However, Miami caused a huge upset with a 4-1 victory over Milwaukee.

And the storm in Miami continues. He started as a lower seed in the second round, but brought the atmosphere by winning the first and third games. As coach Spoelstra said, Miami players are learning how to win through games.

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