Men’s soccer team coach, appointed in early March at the earliest… Contacting ‘candidates’ by February

The successor to coach Paulo Bento is expected to be appointed early next month at the earliest.

According to a report by News 1 on the 9th, the association is in the process of appointing a new command tower after holding a meeting of the Power Reinforcement Committee on the 25th of last month.
With Chairman Michael Müller at the center, six members of the Power Reinforcement Committee, including Park Tae-ha, Korea Professional Football Federation Technical Committee Chairman, Cho Seong-hwan, Incheon United coach, and Choi Yoon-gyeom, Cheongju FC coach, are continuing discussions to appoint a coach to lead Korean football. 먹튀검증

The Korea Football Association is planning to finalize contact with the head coach candidates, which were prioritized by this month at the latest. Currently, we are in contact with the commanders little by little according to priorities, and if this work is completed by February, the outline of the director will be revealed to some extent early next month.

In the A-match against Colombia scheduled for the 24th of next month, it is expected that the new coach will be able to direct the Korean players from the bench.

Meanwhile, the Korea Football Association is conducting all future processes behind closed doors in consideration of the special nature of the negotiations for the appointment of the national team manager.

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