Man City vs Arsenal, where is the advantage to win the EPL?

The competition between Arsenal and Manchester City in the English Premier League (EPL) is getting fiercer.

Arsenal won 3-1 against “London rivals” Chelsea in the 2022-23 EPL round 34 home game held at Emirates Stadium in London, England on the 3rd (hereinafter Korean time).

With this, Arsenal, who recorded 78 points (24 wins, 6 draws, 4 losses), rose to the top again, beating Manchester City, who had 76 points (24 wins, 6 draws, 4 losses).

Arsenal,ㅋㅋㅋ벳 who had been in the lead throughout the season, eventually allowed the pursuit of the ‘defending champion’ Man City on the rise. For Arsenal, the defeat (1-4 loss) in the last 33 rounds is coming painfully.

With the defeat at the time, Arsenal allowed Man City to pursue with a difference of two points. In addition, it eventually gave up the lead as it slowed down with a draw in the last 4 games (3 draws and 1 loss), including a loss against Man City.

Fortunately, Arsenal managed to bounce back after defeating Chelsea, who were in a serious slump this season, and returned to the top spot. However, if Man City, ahead of the home game against West Ham on the 4th, wins, Arsenal will come down to second place again.

It is highly likely that the two teams will continue to compete by exchanging the leading positions frequently for the time being. However, Man City, who played two less games than Arsenal, is in a more advantageous situation in the championship competition.

In particular, Man City’s recent rise is scary. In the league, they are running an 8-game winning streak and 11 matches undefeated (10 wins, 1 draw), raising the possibility of a third consecutive league loss.

Looking at the rest of the schedule, Man City has a bit more advantage.

Man City starts with West Ham (home) on the 4th, Leeds (home) on the 6th, Everton (away) on the 14th, Chelsea (home) on the 22nd, Brighton (away) on the 25th, and Brentford (away) on the 29th. there is.

If you definitely get 9 points in 3 consecutive matches with teams below the top 15, such as West Ham, Leeds and Everton, you can further increase your chances of winning. However, Manchester City is also in the semi-finals of the European Football Federation Champions League (UCL), so they have to digest a tight schedule. Not being able to focus only on the league like Arsenal can be a bit of a disadvantage.

On the other hand, Arsenal will face Newcastle (away) on the 8th, Brighton (home) on the 15th, Nottingham (away) on the 21st, and Wolverhampton (home) on the 29th. In particular, an away game against Newcastle, which is third in the league, is burdensome for Arsenal. If you don’t win the Newcastle expedition, the gap with Man City may widen further, and the championship competition may end at a relatively early point.

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