Mallorca, the most effective team in Europe…”Lee Kang-in and 5 pillars of the team”

Mallorca is one of the most effective teams in Europe.

On the 10th (Korean time), Spain’s ‘Marca’ published an analysis article titled ‘Mallorca’s secret, the most effective team in Europe’. “It is a team that has scored a lot of goals in European leagues. Coach Javier Aguirre’s football is always defensive,” he reported.

Mallorca has scored 16 goals in 20 league matches this season, but has won 28 points. Only three teams have scored fewer goals: Real Valladolid (15 goals), Elche and Cadiz (15 goals). On the other hand, only 18 points were conceded. It is ranked 5th with the least number of points after Barcelona (7 points), Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, and Villarreal (17 points). Except for Mallorca, they are all teams competing for the league title and the UEFA Champions League (UCL).

Reporter Miguel Quintana of ‘Radio Marca’ emphasized Mallorca’s concentration, saying, “This efficiency is not surprising. The important thing is that very few mistakes are made. It is different from other seasons.” 바카라사이트

Long ball soccer is seeing results. Mallorca are connecting the ball quickly and accurately to the opponent’s goal. The team has the sixth fewest consecutive passes and has the second fewest shots in the league. The ball possession is only 40.8% on average. Block the opponent’s attack by making good use of foul play. Mallorca only received 74 yellow cards. It is second after Real Sociedad, but has only two red cards. 

The most important players are Bedat Muriki and Fredrik Rykovic. Both players have made permanent transfers to Mallorca this season and are doing well. Mouriki is the team’s top scorer this season with eight goals and has been a key performer, netting two goals against Real Madrid. He had 97 aerial ball victories alone. Rykovic also blocked 2.8 goals against xG (expected goals). In the last round, he blocked Marco Asensio’s penalty kick and led the team to victory.

Lee Kang-in was also mentioned as one of the important players. Reporter Quintana said, “Mallorca’s pillars are Rykovic, Antonio Rayo, Luis de Galareta, Lee Kang-in, and Muriki. They are their specialists.”

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