‘Magic Number 2’ Woori Bank, Why couldn’t we prepare for the playoffs? 

“Aren’t you ready?”

Woori Bank won 69-59 in the 5th round of the Shinhan Bank SOL 2022-2023 Women’s Professional Basketball regular league against KB Stars at Asan Yi Sun-shin Gymnasium on the 5th. With this, Woori Bank has only two games left before winning the regular league.

As long as there is no major change, the regular league championship is guaranteed. However, Woori Bank coach Seong-Woo Seong-Woo asked reporters about the playoff preparation plan, saying, “Are you not preparing at all?”

Coach Wi said, “We are not doing anything in preparation for the playoffs. It has only been three games since Lee Sam Choi and Hyejin Park played together. The main members couldn’t even practice properly.” 바카라

Previously, Woori Bank was unable to activate its best member as the main players suffered minor injuries while taking turns. This is the reason why they lost two consecutive matches before the KB Stars game.

However, now Choi Yi-sam, Park Hye-jin, and Park Ji-hyun have returned to the court in good health. Coach Wi urged the main players to recover their condition, saying, “If we go into playoff mode, I think Choi Yi-sam and others must be in good shape before we can bet on a proper match.”

Na Yoon-jung and Go A-ra, who were candidates, are getting more time to play. Director Wi said, “I am trying to increase the weight of the two. This will also spread the opponent’s defense. I hope these two do just as well as they do now.”

Woori Bank has only 6 games left. If two of these wins are preempted, or if BNK Some, second place, loses the game, the league championship will be confirmed sooner.

For Woori Bank, BNK lost in the match between Samsung Life Insurance and BNK Some on the 8th, and Woori Bank won the match against Hana 1Q on the 10th to confirm the championship. that’s the best case scenario

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