Lee Tae-yang, Han Seung-hyuk, Kang Jae-min, Yoon San-heum, ERA ‘0’, Is spring blooming in Hanwha’s bullpen?

An exhibition game against the Lotte Giants at Sajik Baseball Stadium in Busan on the 25th. Hanwha Eagles starting pitcher Moon Dong-ju (20) gave up 1 run in 4 innings and passed the mound. With the score trailing 0-1, five pitchers took charge of one inning each. Han Seung-ju (22), Lee Tae-yang (33), Kang Jae-min (26), Kim Bum-soo (28), and Jang Si-hwan (36) climbed the mound one after another and sealed the Lotte batting line with 2 hits and no runs in 5 innings.

When the bullpen played well, the batters 먹튀검증showed their concentration. In the 6th inning, the center batting line and the cleanup trio changed the flow at once. Chae Eun-seong scored an RBI with a sacrifice hit in No. 3, Brian O’Grady in No. 4 hit a two-run home run, and Si-Hwan Roh hit a one-run home run in No. 5. won 5-1 come-from-behind.

The starting lineup, the bullpen threw well, and the center batting line exploded. It’s an unbeatable game. Even if it’s an exhibition game, it’s a pleasant finish.

If you look at the Hanwha game these days, there is a scene that stands out. It is rare to concede late in a game. There is no game that collapses without a hitch while leading. The bullpen got stronger. As of the 25th, 5 relievers who have thrown 4 or more games have an ERA of ‘0’.

Kang Jae-min, Lee Tae-yang, and Jang Si-hwan, who pitched against Lotte on the 25th, recorded no runs in 5 games side by side. Taeyang Lee threw 5 innings, striking out 4 without hitting 4 balls. Also, Yoon San-heum (24) prevented four games without conceding a goal. 1 win and 3 holds.

Han Seung-hyeok (30) conceded 2 runs in 5 games, but it is not his fault. On the 24th, he played 9 times against the Doosan Bears and allowed 2 runs, but it was a mistake.

Lefty Kim Ki-joong (21) pitched for the first time against SSG Landers in Daejeon on the 21st and pitched 1 scoreless inning. On this day, Hanwha trailed 0-3 and scored 3 runs in the 8th inning to finish the game in a 3-3 draw. From the 6th inning, Kim Ki-joong, Lee Tae-yang, Kang Jae-min and Kim Bum-soo started in turn. He sealed 4 scoreless innings and induced the batting line to exert themselves.

Han Seung-hyuk and Lee Tae-yang added to the existing power, and they gained strength.

The two changed to Hanwha uniforms side by side in November of last year. Han Seung-hyeok was traded from the KIA Tigers, and Lee Tae-yang returned from SSG with free agent status.

The two players went back and forth between starting and saving last year. This year, the season starts with a midfielder, but it is possible to switch to the starting lineup at any time.

‘Eldest brother’ Jeong Woo-ram (38) is alive and well, and Park Sang-won (29), who was a candidate for the finisher, will join soon. ‘Super Rookie’ Kim Seo-hyun (19) also throws vigorously, so expectations are high.

Last year, Hanwha was 4.83, the team’s average ERA was last. The starting pitcher ranked 10th (4.88) and the reliever ranked 8th (4.76). This year is definitely better than last year.

The starting point of the new Hanwha is the mound.

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