Lee Kang-in’s first ‘multi-goal’ explosion… Leading Mallorca come-from-behind victory

Lee Kang-in (Mallorca), who has advanced to the European stage, performed the best.

Lee Kang-in scored multiple goals in the 2022-2023 Spanish professional football Primera Liga home game against Getafe held at Estadi Mallorca Son Moix in Mallorca, Spain on the 24th (Korean time), leading Mallorca to a 3-1 come-from-behind victory.

As a result,스포츠토토 Mallorca, which has recently been on the rise with two consecutive wins and four consecutive matches undefeated (2 wins, 2 draws), climbed one notch to 10th place with 40 points (11 wins, 7 draws, 12 losses). 9th place Rayo Vallecano (40 points, 10 wins, 10 draws, 10 losses) is also in close pursuit with no points difference. 

In addition, the gap with 6th place Villarreal (47 points), which is given the right to participate in the European Football Confederation Europa Conference League (UECL), narrowed to 7 points, raising expectations for participation in the European competition next season.

Mallorca in crisis, Lee Kang-in, a come-from-behind drama 

Mallorca, Vedat Muriki and Amas Ndiaye came out as two tops, and Lee Kang-in teamed up with Inigo Luis de Galareta and Manu Morlanes in the midfield.

From the start of the game, Lee Kang-in led the attack with bold forward passes and breakthroughs. However, Mallorca took the lead in the 22nd minute through Getafe’s Borja Mayoral. The first half finished 0-1 with no shots on target.

However, the game changed from the second half after Mallorca reorganized. It was Lee Kang-in who changed the flow. 

In the 11th minute of the second half, when Carlos Arena’s shot was blocked by the goalkeeper, Lee Kang-in, who was rushing to Moonseon, repeatedly kicked it, shaking Hetapa’s net with his fourth goal of the season. When Lee Kang-in’s goal tied the score at 1-1, Mallorca’s attack intensified.

Mallorca managed to turn the score around 2-1 just eight minutes after Lee Kang-in’s equalizer, when Antonio Raiyo split the goal with a header from De Galareta’s cross from a corner kick chance.

A one-goal difference made it impossible to determine the outcome. Getafe, who suffered a reversal, launched an all-out offensive, and Mallorca responded with defense, and a tense game continued. 

It was Lee Kang-in who ended the tense tug-of-war. In the extra time of the second half, Getafe players were all attacking and the ball was stolen, and Lee Kang-in, who caught it, sprinted to the Getafe goal with a fast single dribble from below the half line and scored with a left-footed shot. 

With Lee Kang-in’s 5th goal of the season, Mallorca won 3-1, earning three precious points in the fierce competition for rankings at the end of the season. 

<WhoScored.com>, a soccer media, gave Lee Kang-in the highest rating of 8.6 points for both teams, and the Spanish Primera Liga Secretariat also selected Lee Kang-in as the best player of the match (Man of the Match).

Lee Kang-in has been reborn as Mallorca’s ‘ace’ by performing at his best in each recent game. Already, the news that big clubs in the English Premier League or Primera Liga are competing behind the scenes to sign Lee Kang-in is adorning the local media. 

The European football transfer market is paying attention to how far Lee Kang-in, who once again displayed a strong presence on this day, will raise Mallorca in the final rankings this season.

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