Lee Jung-hoo I hear the ransom going up… JS winning team + 110 pitchers, could not be stopped [MD Tokyo]

 The 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC) begins. The Korean national team is aiming to advance to the semifinals, aiming to restore its reputation.안전놀이터

Some people say that the Korean national team has not undergone a generational change, but there is a player in the Korean national team who is paying attention to Lee Jung-hoo. Major League Baseball’s official website, ‘MLB.com’, selected Lee Jung-hoo as the most attractive star in the Korean national team, and ESPN inducted him into the Hall of Fame, where he won the Silver Slugger Award 8 times, batting average of 0.328, 5 batting champions, and 8 times in 18 seasons in the major leagues. Comparing him to Wade Boggs, he introduced Lee Jung-hoo as a must-know player in the WBC.

Lee Jung-hoo received media attention as soon as he arrived in Japan and proved his worth in two official practice matches. He won the Japan Series last year, but in a practice game against the Orix Buffaloes, he also scored a hit against Hanshin Tigers’ ace pitcher Yuki Nishi (33), who recorded 110 multi-hit wins in total.

Nishi Yuki is meaningful in that he is a pitcher representing Japan, having pitched in 303 games (276 starts) in the Japanese professional baseball league, with a record of 110 wins, 96 losses, and an average ERA of 3.13. He is a pitcher who recorded two shutouts last season as well, with a 9-9 record and an average ERA of 2.18, ranking second in the Central League in terms of earned run average.

Lee Jung-hoo, who continued his hit streak against the best pitchers in Japan, is now aiming for the WBC. This WBC is the world’s best baseball tournament in name and reality, with 186 active big leaguers and 67 former All-Stars on the 40-man major league roster participating.

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