Leading the way with 4 consecutive wins, coach Seong-hyung Kang “Yasmin focuses on returning to the 5th round” 

 “Yasmin is focusing on returning to the 5th round.”

Hyundai E&C won the Dodram 2022-2023 V-League Women’s Division set score 3-2 (30-28 25-20 16-25 21-25 15-11) at Incheon Samsan Gymnasium on the 11th. Hyundai Engineering & Construction (53 points) widened the gap to 2nd place Heungkuk Life Insurance (48 points) to 5 points, solidifying its lead.

It wasn’t easy. Hyundai E&C seemed to win easily by winning 1-2 sets, but from the 3rd set, Kim Yeon-kyung struggled with Heungkuk Life Insurance. Even in the 5th set, Heungkuk Life’s pursuit was so fierce that the gap widened only after it exceeded 10 points. Hyundai Engineering & Construction coach Kang Seong-hyung said after the game, “The first set was a difficult time, but I endured well in the match and the opportunity came. It seems that the factor of victory was that several players scored and showed an even share.” 온라인바카라

Despite winning, Hyundai E&C started by giving up the lead at the beginning of each set. Director Kang said, “(Heungkuk Life’s) serve came in aggressively. When Kim Yeon-kyung, Yelena, and Lee Joo-ah were in the avant-garde, the blocking was high, which put a lot of pressure on them. As a result, he passed the hurdle well. I try to focus on the beginning of each set, but it doesn’t work out as I want,” he said. “The defense was good. There is a tangled part in the connection. That way, we can increase our attack power.”

Yasmin is out with a back injury. He’s gearing up for rehab, but he’s not in a hurry. Director Kang said, “We are entering the third week, and rehabilitation is proceeding smoothly. I don’t know how fast the recovery is, but it’s going according to plan. The point of his return is focused on the 5th round after the All-Star break,” he said.

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