‘Lack of communication’ fueled anger of Jeonbuk fans… The club needs to establish a channel of communication.

Jeonbuk Hyundai’s ‘absence of communication’ is brewing.

On the 1st, at Jeonju World Cup Stadium, Jeonbuk, who had the 5th round of ‘Hanawon Q K League 1 2023’, suffered a 1-2 come-from-behind defeat to Pohang Steelers. Jeonbuk suffered two losses in a row following Daegu, and recorded their third loss at the beginning of this season. After winning 1 win, 1 draw and 3 losses in the first 5 games, Jeonbuk’s ranking is 8th in the league.

On this day, angry fans blocked the bus coach Kim Sang-shik rode after the game. Jeonbuk fans shouted ‘Kim Sang-sik out’ and called the manager. Director Kim Sang-sik did not come out of the bus right away. After confronting the fans for about two hours, coach Kim said several times, “I will act responsibly as a coach of Jeonbuk Hyundai,” before getting on the bus again. Only then can the bus leave the arena. there was.

Blocking the bus was an act of frustration from fans. 온라인카지노Jeonbuk fans have shown that they are not satisfied with coach Kim’s football. When he lost to the Yangju Citizens’ Club in the FA Cup, the ‘Geunjo’ was caught, and in the second season, he suffered sluggishness in the early stages and was pressured to resign. Things got even worse this season. Contrary to many recruits, when the sluggishness in the beginning was repeated, fans expressed their anger even more quickly. To this, the frustration of not being able to communicate with the club was added, and ‘Bumak’ was made for the longest time.

The lack of a solution makes the situation even more difficult. It seems difficult to turn the hearts of fans simply with a rebound in performance. Changes in performance should be made at the same time, but it is difficult to expect at the moment. After Kim Jin-soo and Baek Seung-ho were injured after an A-match, Lee Dong-joon’s return has not yet come to his senses. Tactically, it is more difficult to suddenly change performance during the season.

In order to subdue the anger that exploded, it is necessary to do our best to communicate. It needs work to relieve the stuffiness. Director Kim should not be the only one to take the lead, but CEO Heo Byung-gil should also step in and make an effort to change the hearts of the fans. It is regrettable that CEO Huh did not come forward on this day. But now, communication is the answer. 

Only with the support of the fans can Jeonbuk-do prepare a foothold for a rebound. Due to Corona 19, the players felt how difficult it was to play without spectators. The cheering boycott rather makes the hearts of the players running in the stadium more difficult. In order to calm anger and create a rebound together, a window of communication must be prepared. 

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