“Koreans coming to Mallorca to see Lee Kang-in”…Spanish media, surprised

Real Mallorca is seeing the Lee Kang-in effect.

Spain’s ‘Mega’ paid attention to Lee Kang-in’s popularity on the 7th (Korean time) with the title, “Korean people’s madness to see Lee Kang-in.” While showing a video of Spain’s ‘El Chiringito’, he said, “At Mallorca’s home stadium, Visit Mallorca Estadi, hundreds of Koreans come every week to see Lee Kang-in, the hero of Mallorca. Lee Kang-in properly introduced Mallorca to Korea. It is 10,000 km from Korea to Mallorca. will go,” he said.

Kang-in Lee is one of Korea’s top prospects and made his name on TV shows during his childhood. Lee Kang-in, who showed potential, joined Valencia Youth and headed to Spain. He showed his outstanding potential and was evaluated as a player responsible for the future of Korean football. He also stood out in the national team for each age group and even received the Golden Ball at the U-20 World Cup. After that, he was promoted to the first team in Valencia and played an active part, then went to Mallorca in 2021. 바카라사이트

Lee Kang-in strengthened his position in Mallorca, where he left in search of an opportunity. His first season was completely out of place, but this season has been different. Lee Kang-in has emerged as an irreplaceable resource in Mallorca. His strengths, such as kicking ability and opportunity creation, have improved, while his defensive skills, contribution, and conversion ability, which have been pointed out as weaknesses, have improved. Lee Kang-in, who became an unrivaled presence in Mallorca, was rumored to be transferring to a big club, but he stayed with the team for now.

Originally, interest in Lee Kang-in exploded after the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. Just like going to London, England to watch Son Heung-min play Tottenham Hotspur, going to Mallorca, Spain to support Lee Kang-in became one of the travel courses. Mallorca is an island and you have to take a flight from Barcelona and enter again. Despite the somewhat cumbersome effort, many Koreans are heading to Mallorca to see Lee Kang-in.

The Spanish media took note of this. As shown in the video, fan A, who went to Mallorca to see Lee Kang-in, told ‘Inter Football’, “I went to see the Real Madrid match, but there were many Koreans. I went to the training ground and saw Lee Kang-in. Lee Kang-in first said, ‘I’ll sign you after training’.” .After the real training, he signed autographs for all the fans. The training ground takes about 20 minutes by car from downtown. It’s a considerable amount of time, but there were about 20 Koreans.”

“I talked to the people I was with, and there were people who came to know Mallorca because of Lee Kang-in. Mallorca is a summer resort, and I think it’s Lee Kang-in’s influence to come like this in winter. Mallorcan people know it. They said, ‘Correa~’ and said they were behind Lee Kang-in. It seemed like a lot of Koreans always came and acted like that. It was amazing,” he said.

As such, the influence of Korean fans in Mallorca is actually considerable. While Lee Kang-in is in Mallorca, it is expected to be maintained.

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